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Borrowing his physique from the Spitz, the Swedish Lapland Dog is a versatile animal that can act as an affectionate, kind and obedient guardian and pet. This animal will make you fall for its dense fur which makes it look like a teddy bear.

Characteristics of the Swedish Lapland Dog

At first glance, we think we are dealing with a Chow-chow type breed. And yet, it is rather a derivative of the Spitz. The Swedish Lapphund is distinguished by its medium size. A female is 43 cm while a male is about 48 cm. This dog has strong bones and a relatively sturdy body that fits into a triangle. The kidney is broad and short, the back is muscular, strong and horizontal, the chest is high and the croup is slightly sloping while having a marked musculature. The dog generally has a supple and light demeanor. Its belonging to the Spitz family is noticeable thanks to its very typical head. This is called lupoid and affirms a well accentuated stop and a rounded forehead. The muzzle is strong, the jaws are well developed and the lips are joined. The Swedish Lapphund has round eyes, correctly spaced between them and revealing brown and dark notes. It has triangular shaped ears, erect and small in size. To be admitted to the standard, the dog must have an erect, dense and straight coat that is resistant to bad weather. In the neck, tail, limbs and sternum, it will be more abundant. The dress should always be black, but shades of brown are accepted.

History of the Swedish Lapland dog breed

The Swedish Lapphund is said to be one of the oldest Nordic breeds used by the Sumis also known as Lapps, indigenous peoples who settled in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The legend even says that he would be the ancestor of all Spitz. While many hypotheses exist on its origins, the truth is that not much is known about the history of the Swedish Lapphund. The latter was highly regarded in Lapland in draft activities, but the arrival of snowmobiles almost led to the extinction of the breed. It was in 1944 that it received recognition from the FCI.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Swedish Lapland Dog

Although he is an ancient dog, the Swedish Lapphund does not show a strong temperament and is not independent in nature as we are used to seeing in these specimens. It is an affectionate, kind and very intelligent animal who is a formidable guardian. He shows dissuasions towards strangers as soon as he senses a potential danger. The Swedish Lapphund is patient with children and very protective of them. He will be able to play with them for hours without stopping.

Diet and main health problems of the Swedish Lapland dog

The Swedish Lapland Dog is a hardy breed. However, it can sometimes be affected by a few illnesses such as hip dysplasia or eye problems. His health also depends on a healthy diet taking into account his lifestyle.

Price of a dog or puppy of the Swedish Lapland dog breed

  • Price Swedish Lapland Dog male: n / a
  • Price Swedish Lapland dog female: n / a

Photo credit: Leeza1331

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