Take out a ten-year guarantee following a claim on an old site

The ten-year guarantee applies to construction professionals. Is it possible to take out this insurance following a claim on an old site?

The Spinetta law requires all constructors to take out ten-year insurance before starting work. This contract aims to cover damage that could compromise the solidity of the structure or render it unfit for its intended purpose.

What is the advantage of taking out a ten-year guarantee?

Articles 1792 to 1792-6 of the Civil Code specify that any builder is fully liable for damage liable to compromise the solidity of the construction or to render the work unfit for its intended purpose. To avoid having to reimburse themselves for the repair work of the damage suffered, building professionals are required to take out a ten-year guarantee before starting work.

For his part, the client must take out damage insurance for the work allowing reimbursement or execution of repairs covered by the ten-year guarantee, without waiting for a court decision.

The ten-year guarantee, like the structural damage insurance, represents real security for the subscriber.

Can we take out ten-year insurance following a claim on an old site?

Ten-year insurance should ideally be taken out before the start of work. However, some insurers agree to take charge of old or ongoing sites in return for a price increase.

Once contracted, this insurance covers damage occurring after acceptance of the work for a period of 10 years. The period starts when the site acceptance is signed, when the client declares to accept the good with or without reservation.

Tips for finding a ten-year guarantee after a claim on an old site

One or more claims have already been reported on one of your sites and you now wish to take out ten-year insurance in order to be covered in the event of damage? To find the best contract, you are strongly advised to use a free, no-obligation online comparator. To get personalized quotes, you simply have to fill out a form by providing some information about your company and your activity. In less than 2 minutes, you will receive quotes corresponding to your expectations.

If you don’t have the time or skills to efficiently compare ten-year insurance offers after a claim on an old construction site, you can entrust this task to a broker. This professional will be able to guide you towards contracts adapted to your profile and your budget. The broker does not only serve as an intermediary since he can also advise you, at all stages of the subscription.

What solution in case of insurance refusal?

After several days of research, you have not received any response from the insurers or they have refused to take charge of you? The Central Pricing Bureau (BCT) has the exclusive role of setting the amount of the premium through which the insurance company you have chosen will be required to cover the risk offered to it.

To contact the BCT, all you have to do is send it a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days from the refusal of the requested insurer or of the last insurer requested for ten-year insurance. Decisions are taken once all the documents have been collected, in about three months. This processing time shows the importance of anticipating your ten-year insurance request. Indeed, it is essential to be insured before starting a project. The customer will also request a decennial insurance certificate before making a definitive commitment.

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