Tax fraud: the tax authorities recovered 7.8 billion euros last year

The fight against tax fraud was in full swing last year, despite the constraints linked to the health crisis. The tax investigators were able to recover nearly 7.8 billion euros.

In 2020, on-the-spot checks by tax investigators were fewer due to the restrictive measures decided to fight against contamination. Their number was nonetheless 365,200 last year, which represents a ” decrease in files Agreed Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Public Accounts. But nevertheless, the sum finally collected remains significant: 7.79 billion euros. It is a level ” close to the year 2018 », Underlines the Ministry of the Economy (at the time, the tax authorities had collected 7.73 billion euros).

Decrease in receipts

Olivier Dussopt notes a “ slight increase compared to 2018 », But we are far from the record level reached in 2019: the Bercy investigators were then able to recover more than 12 billion euros! They had several new tools put in place by the law on tax fraud: creation of a “tax police” or the possibility of publicly announcing the names of fraudsters (“name and shame”). The fear of the gendarme and a greater latitude in the possibility of identifying the fraud case largely explain the success of 2019.

Solidarity Fund

Bercy is also interested in a new potential for tax evasion, the solidarity fund. Companies have thus received aid when they should not have benefited from it, to the tune of 64 million euros. A sum that the tax authorities intend to recover. Olivier Dussopt also reports that “ more than one billion euros have been protected and have not been unduly paid “.