Taxes 2021: a small pre-ticked box that wants you well

For the 2021 tax return, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance wished to draw the attention of taxpayers to a pre-checked box that may or may not save them money.

A pre-checked box of the declaration

The box that is talked about so much is the one allowing the taxpayer to choose between the taxation of movable income at the progressive scale and the single flat-rate levy (PFU). Depending on the income and tax rate of each household, one of the two options may be more beneficial than the other and save money.

According to the Ministry of the Economy, the choice can be complicated for the taxpayer. Bercy believes that the box ” 2OP “Which allows to choose the imposition by scale was not checked by 8 million taxpayers who in 2019 had an interest certain to do so. According to figures from the ministry, 10% of them could have saved at least 120 euros.

Bercy warns of a system change

In order to avoid too many mistakes, the Ministry of the Economy said at the press conference launching the 2021 declaration campaign that last year: “ In the online declaration, we inform the users eligible for taxation at the scale in cases where they forgot to check the 2OP box. They could correct as many times as they went back to their online declaration “.

A novelty for 2020 which will be kept and enriched in favor of taxpayers. ” We pre-ticked the 2OP box to users who opted in last year, so they don’t forget. And if the device is no longer favorable to them, we also tell them ”, However, do not forget to uncheck the box in this case. The pre-ticked box system has also been put in place for the paper declaration.