Taxes 2021: the tax return is fast approaching

The Covid-19 health crisis had turned the 2020 tax calendar upside down, for 2021 things are returning to normal and the tax declaration date is fast approaching.

A tax return in April 2021

Annual meeting with the spring cleaning, the tax return is getting closer. For the year 2021, the 2020 tax return will start in April 2021 and probably around the tenth. In 2020, the health crisis had upset the schedule and the government had decided to postpone the launch of the tax return by eleven days. If things return to normal, not all departments will have the same time to complete the tax return.

Thus, the departments numbered from 1 to 19, that is to say from Ain to Corrèze, will have to return their copy first, around May 20. For departments number 20 to 54, that is to say from Corsica to Meurthe-et-Moselle, an additional period of a few days will be added. Finally, for departments 55 to 976, that is to say from the Meuse to Mayotte, it will be necessary to have completed his tax return for the beginning of June 2021.

The ease of automatic declaration

For some, the income tax return will not be a Stations of the Cross, since the automatic demarcation, which was put in place in 2020, continues to persist. Thus, people who have already used the new system, will receive an email from the tax authorities informing them if changes are expected. It is still advisable to check your information to avoid any disappointment.

For those who do not use the automatic declaration, the tax declaration must be done online, with some exceptions. The latter will have been previously completed by the tax authorities based on the information of which the administration is aware. The information is of course modifiable.