Teach Up helps training organizations create online courses

Distance learning is not just about video conferencing lessons. Online learning is much, much more than that. But to create enjoyable and memorable lessons, you still need the right tools. This is precisely the mission of the French start-up Teach Up.

Prestigious clients for Teach Up

Who says learning as an adult has to be boring? If primary school children learn mainly in a fun way and it works, why not offer it to adults as well? This is precisely the idea that the team of the start-up Teach Up had. But, where other “edtechs” have occupied the field of content by offering their own courses, Teach Up’s positioning is different: this start-up places itself at the service of creators of educational content. It provides them with tools, which they can use at their convenience to create their courses.

Even before its official launch, in November 2020, Teach Up was able to convince prestigious clients: for their internal training needs, companies such as Ubisoft, Accor, SNCF, Bouygues Construction, Bonduelle, Brinks, Pierre Fabre and the French Football Federation opt for the technological solution of Teach Up.

Teach Up: make teaching memorable and fun

At the base of Teach Up, three principles: “adaptive learning”, “gamification” and “social learning”. The first implies that the courses that will be created will be adjusted (by Teach Up’s proprietary algorithm) to the learner. If it hasn’t internalized what it should, the software will notice it and push it back for as long as it takes. In short, everyone learns at their own pace. The second principle is “gamification”: different games are automatically generated by the artificial intelligence incorporated into Teach Up. Finally, “social learning” involves carrying out surveys and posting everyone’s contributions on a wall.

In addition to large groups and SMEs, Teach Up targets training organizations. To date, the start-up has more than 300,000 users of its technology. The objective for the immediate future for Teach Up: to continue the development of its technology and to offer new innovative functionalities for its customers.