Teach your child to survive in the water before teaching swimming

Teaching children to survive underwater before teaching swimming - Photo 1.

Teaching children to survive underwater at preschool – Photo: HAPPY TIME

Recently, Happy Time Kindergarten (Hanoi) went on vacation at Hai Tien beach (Thanh Hoa). At 7:00 am, the school teachers saw everyone in the resort surrounded by the swimming pool.

There was a 5-year-old child who fell into the pool while his parents were checking in to a hotel room. The teachers rushed to help …

I hope there will be a regulation of swimming pools for kids gradually. Creating tanks for children is not simply a shallow depth, but also needs to ensure strict water quality, safety regulations and accompanying rescue.

The golden time is only about 4 minutes

Seeing the guard carrying the child around, Ms. Ha (the nursery school swimming teacher) hurriedly asked the person to lay the child on the ground, to suck up phlegm and food to free his airway. Mr. Cuong – also a swimming teacher – came back down, rushed in to support his colleagues.

The teachers continuously took turns taking CPR, squeezing the heart outside the chest. After 20 minutes they did not see the baby’s eyelids move. Already live! When the ambulance arrived, the baby’s pulse returned.

All are extremely stressful because underwater life and death is only counted in moments. When the baby was taken to the hospital, all the teachers together prayed, hoping for a miracle to happen for the baby. But unfortunately two days later he passed away.

“Seeing the drowning incident, we are all haunted and very heartbreaking. The golden time to save a drowning child is only about 4 minutes, over time the chance to live is less and less”, Ms. Hang shared.

Witnessing so many tragic drowning cases of Vietnamese children, when building the Happy Time school system, Ms. Hoang Thuy Hang (school director) was determined to invest in swimming pools for children according to international standards and invited Foreign teacher training swimming teachers in school.

The school’s swimming pool is a warm lake that does not use chemicals to treat water for the safety of children. The 3-year-olds at school began to be taught how to safely enter the water, self-defense skills in the water environment, and then learned swimming skills. Older children learn drowning skills.

According to Ms. Hang, it is important for children to be taught to understand that the water environment is attractive but has potential for accidents. When the children learn how to control water panic, their chances of life are higher.

“We ask parents to participate. Skills are not complicated, with a small swimming pool, parents can teach their children to survive underwater at home,” Ms. Hang added.

Teach your children to survive Underwater

Phuc Lai – the author of the books about the story of a fatherhood, teaching a father, a story that our father and son are comrades – is patient enough to wash his daughter’s hair for three months, let him wear swimming glasses, practice breathing in The water tank was at home before taking the child to the pool.

He learned about online knowledge by himself, taught boys and girls how to survive underwater, and then established a Nemo swimming club for students. Now, the kids in his club swim like otters, having had a record of swimming at district and city level.

Mr. Phuc Lai found that abroad they let children get acquainted with water early and learn water survival skills before learning to swim. In Vietnam, teachers often ignore teaching survival skills, and only focus on swimming in short courses. Most parents just ask “can my child swim?”, Few people know that water survival skills are important.

“In Vietnam, in the countryside there is a system of rivers, lakes, and ponds. In the city more and more apartments have swimming pools, but parents only realize that their children have fallen into the water.

In addition to swimming skills, it is essential for children to learn water survival skills. Parents need to know how to swim to play underwater with their children. They do not need to swim well but need to learn skills to save drowning “- Mr. Phuc Lai said.

“Children who swim well can still drown. Teaching children to survive in water is teaching children to overcome their fear of water, at any water level, they know how to breathe, know how to rely on water to float.

When swimming well, develop swimming skills in ponds, lakes, seas, learn collective swimming skills, support each other under water, and save drowning. There are many things children need to learn for a long time, not just participating in a short course to learn how to swim “- Mr. Phuc Lai shared.

“My friend, a doctor, said that in Vietnam parents are inexperienced so that many unfortunate accidents happen for their children. Even more regrettable is that too few people have first aid skills, which reduces the child’s chances of survival.

Vietnamese parents do not understand how to swim correctly. Knowing how to swim can still drown. In the position of falling face-to-face, a pot of water in the house can also kill the child ”, Ms. Thuy Hang said.

How to teach children to survive in the water? How to teach children to survive in the water?

The cost of teaching swimming for children is not expensive but can save a lot of children from drowning so “it is necessary to teach children how to survive in the water”.

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