Teach your dog to recall

The reminder is unmistakably most important order to teach your dog whether it is small or large. It is essential that the animal submit to it in all circumstances and without ever having its ear pulled. Useful order par excellence, He’s there basic dog training. It is therefore through him that we must begin to teach docility to his pet. The recall is essential to bring back the pooch who runs away, risks being run over or rushes at a person or an animal … in short, it is theinjunction which absolutely must be mastered. Let’s see how to teach your dog to recall so that it works 100% unconditionally.

Always use the same term to remind your dog

The choice of vocabulary is important. The term must be short, if possible have only one syllable, and always the same. For the recall of a dog, one can for example use “Here” or “Come” and the chosen word must be used only for this order so that there is no confusion in animals. The tutor must therefore show himself coherent to get a good result quickly.

It is advisable to start this recall training inside the house or in the garden, that is to say in a closed place preventing the dog from running away. The owner can place himself at the height of his animal, that is to say in a squatting position, because this increases the receptivity in dogs who combine exercise with a play session.

Adopt the principle of positive reinforcement

As soon as the dog is ready to exercise diligently and returns to his handler when recalling, he should be congratulated. To do this, we can give it a treat during the first tests, but subsequently, the animal in front obey the reminder without receiving a treat, we are content to congratulate him with a caress or only by words.

In the latter case, it is again always the same word which must be used – “Good”, “Bravo”, “You are a good dog” – and which one generally pronounces in other situations for express satisfaction. In this way, the dog understands that his behavior is validated by his guardian.

Over time, the distance between the animal and the guardian must be increased to ensure that the order is fully understood.

Teach your dog to recall on a leash

The leash can be useful in certain circumstances, especially if the dog does not quickly adopt the attitude desired by his master. Not all of these animals are equal in understanding, and obey the reminder at once can be more complex for some. In this case, it is beneficial to equip the animal with a collar and a leash before starting the educational session or if you want to teach him the recall during a walk.

The leash is also essential for a dog who responds well to this command at home or in the garden, and who finally decides to check if it is the same in an environment which is not its own, such as in town for example or in any place where there is a risk for safety.

We are talking about total success when it is no longer necessary to resort to a harness to recall your dog even if it crosses a fellow creature or a cat for example… But this can take at best a few weeks, at worst several months.

It is not necessary never punish the dog who is a bit hard of hearing and does not return immediately when his master uses the recall. If we do not manage to be obeyed despite all the goodwill in the world and we are forced to run after him to retrieve his animal, there is still the solution to entrust the learning of recall to a dog training professional.

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