Teaching a German Shepherd Dog: 8 tips and good educational practices

The German Shepherd is a dog selected, as its name suggests, to be a herding dog and more generally a working dog. Endowed with a very strong instinct of guard, his education must absolutely take this characteristic into account.

Indeed, his predisposition to the role of guard should not make him an aggressive and uncontrollable dog, especially as an adult, he is a large and powerful dog. So it is really important to give him a good education. Here are our 8 tips to make your German Shepherd an adorable dog!

1 – socialization

Socialization is important to get your German Shepherd used to being around his congeners of all sizes, but also other animals. This step is also essential for him to get used to other humans, adults or children. This will allow him not to develop a systematic distrust of all foreigners he may come across.

2 – the rules of life

At home, the rules of life are essential for your German Shepherd Dog. Don’t give him unlimited access to food. He must have eaten his ration in 15 minutes. If not, remove the bowl anyway.

If he’s hungry, don’t worry, he’ll eat at the next meal. When you are at the table, he should stay away and especially not get into the habit of begging for food.

You should never give in when feeding it at the table. Set up his own space, preferably very cozy, so that he has his “home” and that he is not tempted to take up residence on your sofa.

3 – discipline

Very early on, you will have to teach your German Shepherd puppy to obey you. This is essential if you want to succeed in controlling it as an adult. Start with simple commands such as “sit, lie down”, but also prohibitions such as “stop, coward”. And finally the reminder, “come here”, essential to the control of your dog.

Walking on a leash should also be taught very early on. Your companion must learn not to pull the leash and to walk beside you. It is not he who must walk you, but you who must lead the ride. A dog does not pull its master, but the reverse.

4 – physical activity

The German Shepherd is a dog that needs to exercise itself physically. One outing per day of at least 30 minutes is recommended, even essential. It will also be an opportunity to socialize your companion and to make him work.

The bond between you and him will only be strengthened. As a reminder, a dog that does not spend enough energy can cause damage to your home, bark for no reason, become aggressive, etc.

5 – consistency

You should always remain consistent in the education of your German Shepherd Dog. The orders must always remain the same. The rules you are going to establish should not change to make it easier to understand.

A prohibition will have to remain so throughout its life, just like the authorizations. If, for example, you deny him access to the sofa, you will have to stick to it. If, on the contrary, you allow him to do so, it will be very difficult later to forbid him to do so.

6 – constancy

You will only get satisfactory results by being consistent in the training of your German Shepherd Dog. In order to complete an apprenticeship, you must make your dog work every day.

Do not hesitate to make him repeat an exercise as many times as necessary, so that he understands what you expect of him. You can encourage his success by adopting a positive, “that’s good” behavior and giving him a few treats to reward him.

7 – patience

Despite all the intelligence of the German Shepherd, he will not be able to understand at the first attempt what you expect from him. You will therefore have to show patience and indulgence in order to obtain a lasting satisfactory result.

Wait until he has understood the lesson well before moving on to the next one. Never end a session with a failure and do not teach him several things at the same time, it would be counterproductive for him and for you.

8 – never be violent or aggressive

Although harsh methods at first seem to give faster results, in the long run, this is a very bad practice. Such behavior is also assimilated to animal violence and punishable by law.

Know that your dog should always obey you out of respect, never out of fear. If this is not the case, your partner could end up turning on you or a member of your family.

The German Shepherd is the watchdog par excellence. By following our advice, your companion will accomplish his task perfectly and without aggression. He will also be gentle, sociable and affectionate, especially towards children, for the happiness of all.