Telework and private life: how to find the right balance? – EconomyMorning

The work-life balance has been put to the test since the start of the year. With the re-containment, telecommuting is now the norm in many companies, while being strongly encouraged by the government. However, this balance is essential because it generates a greater motivation as well as the time and resources necessary for a better management of his work as well as his personal life.

Some people seek to be as involved on the job as on the private side, while others find that focusing on one or the other helps them strike the right balance. So what are the right choices to make and the good habits to take in order to find your balance?

The importance of work-life balance

With the health crisis, teleworking has become more widely established in France in recent months, making it more difficult to maintain a work-life balance. Indeed, the office and the home are now one and disconnecting from your work day to devote yourself to your private life is no longer so obvious. According to a recent study * on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on employees and teleworking, it appeared that nearly a third of respondents (29%) said they had trouble a? log out after their day’s work . Another study conducted by researchers at Harvard Business School and New York University corroborates this finding, evaluating an increase in working time to 48.5 minutes per day, or more than 4 hours of overtime per week. In addition, teleworking could also create in some a feeling of isolation because of no longer interacting with colleagues during the day. To remedy this, collaborative tools have proven to be invaluable in maintaining social ties.

However, burnout is a reality and it can cause severe damage to employees and their families and sometimes finds its cause in too much mental stress. A lasting work-life balance is therefore essential for both employees and employers.

How do you find the right balance?

Parental responsibilities, a little too much professional ambition or even more sophisticated technologies that allow us to work anywhere and at any time are all factors that make the path to work-life balance strewn with pitfalls. . These few tips can help you find the right one and, above all, the right balance.

A new definition of success

It doesn’t mean “settling” for less, it’s more about taking a holistic view of what a successful and fulfilling life can be. Employees often have the impression of being in competition and that their “success” requires extended working hours or even chronic overwork. But if the personal definition of success no longer revolves solely around work, it is thus possible to allow yourself to engage less in this internal competition. A collaborative dimension, based on a real team spirit, makes it possible to gain in efficiency and personal fulfillment. It can also help reduce a feeling of permanent competition.

Make digital detox a habit

The negative effects of a strong work culture and overexposure to social networks are well known today. Reducing the time spent on professional networks or in your mailbox outside of work hours can improve the feeling of well-being. Indeed, digital detox allows you to reserve time for any other offline activity but also to exchange with loved ones.

Focus on progress over perfection

Perfectionism has surged in recent years, as embellished versions of other people’s lives have come to invade Facebook and Instagram feeds. It is then tempting to enter into the comparison of our real human lives and therefore necessarily imperfect and the feeling of inferiority can then quickly emerge. Little by little, it is important to realize that it is normal to order a pizza when we are too tired to prepare an organic homemade meal for dinner or even to invite friends while Legos by the dozen litter the area. living room floor.

Rather than constantly striving for perfection, it’s better to know how to adapt your schedule or commitments when things get out of hand so that you feel serene again. The main thing is to improve what can be improved and to progress in his work-life balance over the long term.

Take time for yourself

Airlines recommend putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This is advice that should apply to many other areas. It is important to make time to recharge your batteries.

There is no methodology for this, it is up to everyone to find their own version of the work-life balance. It’s not about giving so much time and attention to your job and the rest of your life, it’s about doing things in harmony.

Major changes in private life, such as starting a family, buying a primary residence or changing jobs, may upset this balance for a time. It is normal to consciously choose a temporary imbalance when pursuing a great goal. However, we must ensure that we have an idea of ​​how this balance can be rebuilt and when it will be possible to do so.