Teleworking, beneficial for employee productivity – economymatin

Teleworking, which has prevailed in the majority of companies, has had beneficial effects for the entire French economy, according to a study. But in the long term and without follow-up, productivity could drop.

Thank you for telecommuting! This practice, which became unavoidable last year thanks to the health crisis and the confinements, made it possible to “save” billions of euros in gross domestic product, according to a study by the Sapiens Institute relayed by Le Parisien. Thus, 167 to 173 billion euros were saved during the first spring containment, and 49 to 57 billion euros during the reconfinement in November. In all, teleworking saved 216 to 230 billion euros in GDP last year! Researchers report that productivity increased by 22%, thanks to working from home adorned with all the virtues.

The advantages of teleworking

Employees who work from home experience less disruption in life at work, and the usual distractions (such as coffee breaks or extended lunches) are no longer there! In addition, employees have taken advantage of the lack of travel between home and office to increase productivity, or simply to… sleep better. Teleworking also has the benefit of empowering employees and removing from the equation the “managerial dysfunctions” that weigh heavily on office life and productivity.

Necessary supervision

Teleworking must however be supervised because without follow-up, productivity could drop by 20%, according to the study. Because all is not necessarily rosy for employees forced to stay at home to work: many of them have difficulty juggling personal and professional life. This is why the government has relaxed the health protocol, allowing since the beginning of the year to return to the company once a week.