Ten-year elevator manufacturer warranty: estimate and explanations

Elevators are concerned by the obligation to take out a ten-year guarantee. This insurance must be taken out before starting work.

In accordance with the Insurance Code, elevator operators are required to provide their customers with a decennial insurance certificate before signing the contract. The ten-year guarantee protects both the professional and his client in the event of a claim occurring within 10 years of the end of the work.

Why take out a ten-year elevator guarantee?

Elevators are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators, freight elevators and moving walkways. Their activity requires them to have knowledge and skills in the fields of electricity, mechanics, electronics and IT. In fact, at each intervention, these specialists carry out re-commissioning tests and update the device’s maintenance file.

Like other building professionals, elevators must take out ten-year insurance providing for payment for the repair of any damage if they are liable. Without this insurance, they will have to reimburse the repair work for the damage caused out of their own pocket. It should also be noted that failure to subscribe is punishable by a fine of a maximum amount of 75,000 euros and / or a penalty of 6 months’ imprisonment. For all these reasons, it is advisable to start your insurance research several months before the start date of the work.

Focus on the damage covered by this insurance

To be covered by the warranty, the damage observed must compromise the solidity of the structure or render it unfit for its use by affecting one of its constituent elements or equipment. For example, the following are taken care of: major cracks in the walls, a landslide, a waterproofing defect, a subsidence of the floor, etc.

On the other hand, damages of an aesthetic nature do not allow the manufacturer to be held liable. Thus, cracking without infiltration or a shade in the color of a coating does not fall under the ten-year insurance.

Finally, when the damage occurred is linked to a foreign cause such as force majeure (unforeseeable, irresistible and insurmountable event), the ten-year liability of the manufacturer cannot be accepted.

Our advice to find the best ten-year elevator guarantee

Are you looking for the best ten-year guarantee for an elevator? Several solutions are available to you :

1 – Compare the offers online

If you do not want to have to travel to find an offer with extended guarantees and at the lowest price, just use a free online comparator with no obligation. This tool provides you with 100% personalized quotes after analyzing the responses to the form. Several information will be requested from you, including: the nature of the main activity carried out, the amount of turnover, the company’s workforce, the risks to which your company is exposed on a daily basis.

2 – Go through a broker

The other solution is to call on a ten-year guarantee broker. This professional searches for the best offers for you and only offers you those that meet your needs. He remains at your disposal to answer your questions concerning the ten-year insurance.

3 – Study the clauses of the contract

Whether you choose to use an online comparator or use a broker to take out a ten-year elevator guarantee, be sure to read each clause of the contract. Beyond the price, it is necessary to study the guarantees offered, the compensation periods as well as the quality of customer service. Remember that you must be covered before starting work. Otherwise, you run the risk of being sanctioned and of having to reimburse the customer yourself for compensation for the damage suffered.