Ten-year guarantee for auto-entrepreneur: estimate and explanations

Are you a self-employed person in the construction or public works industry? The Spinetta law of January 4, 1978 requires you to take out a ten-year guarantee.

Construction companies are required to take out ten-year insurance to protect their works for up to 10 years after the official date of end of the work. Here’s everything you need to know about this warranty.

Definition of the ten-year guarantee for auto-entrepreneur

As soon as a professional intervenes in the construction of a work on a building, he can be held responsible for 10 years for defects affecting the solidity of the property or rendering it unfit for its intended purpose. The law obliges auto-entrepreneurs exercising a craft activity in the construction sector to protect their customers by taking out a ten-year guarantee. This insurance must be mentioned on all quotes and invoices issued, indicating the name and contact details of the insurer as well as the geographical coverage of the contract. A ten-year guarantee certificate must also be given to customers.

Concretely, this coverage allows a self-employed person to be insured for poor workmanship, defects and imperfections that a site could present after his intervention. Repairing a loss can be extremely expensive and sometimes jeopardize an activity. By subscribing to a ten-year insurance, the professional has nothing to pay since it is the insurance company which will take care of compensating his client.

When should you take out ten-year insurance?

This insurance is only valid if it is taken out before the start of work. If the contract is signed after this deadline, the insurance will not take into account the coverage of the work.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the ten-year guarantee for self-employed persons applies to a specific geographical area which is determined when the contract is signed. Before committing, it is therefore important to ensure that the sites are in this field.

Focus on the damage covered by the ten-year guarantee for the self-employed

From the date of completion of the work, the ten-year guarantee protects the works carried out for 10 years, even in the event of a change of owner. The contract is triggered if damage calls into question the solidity of the structure (cracks in the walls for example) or if they render the building unsuitable for its function (house rendered uninhabitable by a lack of insulation). Finally, the ten-year insurance covers damage occurring to inseparable items of equipment.

The ten-year guarantee excludes the assumption of responsibility for certain damages. Indeed, it does not concern small works or purely aesthetic defects such as cracks that do not call into question the solidity of the construction.

Ten-year guarantee for auto-entrepreneur: what is its cost?

To effectively compare ten-year insurance quote for auto-entrepreneur provided by insurers, you should know that the price of this contract varies according to several factors:

  • The place of exercise: the price of the insurance varies according to the geographical area defined at the time of subscription;
  • Turnover: insurers consider that the greater the amount of turnover achieved, the greater the risk;
  • The activity carried out: some activities present more risk than others;
  • The level of experience: the amount of the contribution will be lower for self-employed people who have not had any claims in the past.

You now know the main elements to compare before committing. To save time when subscribing, do not hesitate to use a online comparator. This tool sorts the offers for you and only suggests those that match your criteria.