Ten-year guarantee for building design offices: estimate and explanations

The ten-year guarantee is compulsory, including for building design offices. Without this insurance, professionals are exposed to heavy penalties.

The technical design offices are subject to the obligation to take out a ten-year guarantee before starting work, in accordance with the Spinetta law. How to find the best insurance? What are the prices offered on the market? Answers.

The advantages of the ten-year guarantee for building design offices

In the construction sector, the design offices are responsible for designing structural works (reinforced concrete structures, metal structures, wooden structures or mixed structures, etc.). They are also responsible for carrying out the calculations necessary to give the details of the execution (drawing of the reinforcement of concrete parts or assemblies of metal parts, etc.).

The building design offices are among the players concerned by the obligation to take out ten-year insurance. The law requires them to proceed with the subscription before the start date of the work. Failing this, they incur a 6-month prison sentence and / or a 75,000 euro fine. This guarantee is of real interest to building professionals since, in the event of a claim, they will not have to compensate the owner themselves.

What damages are covered by the ten-year insurance?

The ten-year guarantee covers two types of damage: those that could call into question the solidity of the structure and those that make it unfit for its use. The elements of equipment inseparable from the structure are also taken care of.

The insurance applies for 10 years from the date of receipt of the work. However, there are clauses establishing exclusions from warranty: intentional act (will to cause damage), force majeure, the effects of normal wear and tear and lack of maintenance.

What budget should you plan to take out a ten-year guarantee?

Several elements are taken into account to calculate the cost of the ten-year guarantee:

  • The nature of the main activity carried out;
  • The size of the business;
  • The amount of turnover;
  • The construction techniques and processes used;
  • The chosen guarantees.

Theten-year insurance for building design office costs almost 3,500 euros per year. To find out the amount of the premium applicable in your situation, do not hesitate to request free quotes online.

Tips for finding the best ten-year insurance contract

To find the best insurance, it is strongly recommended to put insurers in competition by using a 100% online comparator. The operation of this tool is simple: all you have to do is complete a form by filling in the necessary information about your company and your activity. After receiving personalized quotes and in order to choose your contract well, you must take the time to compare the guarantees offered, the periods and limits of compensation as well as the amount of contributions.

Do you want support at all stages of the subscription? Call on an experienced broker! This professional does not only play the role of intermediary between insurers and their clients. Indeed, he is able to answer your questions and help you choose your ten-year insurance contract. Going through a broker does not commit you to anything, you remain free to subscribe or not to the various offers offered.

Finally, if you do not find insurance corresponding to your expectations or your budget, know that you can contact the Central Pricing Office (BCT) which will appoint an insurer required to make you an offer at the fixed price. As a reminder, ten-year insurance is compulsory and its subscription should ideally be anticipated.

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