Ten-year guarantee for plumbers: estimate and explanations

Plumbers are among the professionals concerned by the obligation to take out a ten-year guarantee. Here is what you need to know about this contract.

As a building professional and in accordance with the Spinetta law of January 4, 1978, the plumber must be insured under the ten-year civil liability guarantee. Our tips for finding the best financial coverage.

What is the ten-year plumber’s guarantee for?

The plumber is required to prepare and install all the elements necessary for the installation of sanitary and heating equipment. This can be the installation of central heating, a heat pump with connection to a heated floor or even sanitary facilities with connection to an apartment building.

Plumbers are subject to the same obligation as other construction professionals: their work must be covered by ten-year insurance. Without this contract and in the event of a claim, they will have to assume only the compensation due to the customer. Thus, the ten-year guarantee is very important since it makes it possible to take charge of the damage that the intervening party could cause to the building, for 10 years following the end of the work.

Professionals who do not respect this obligation face a fine of 75,000 euros and / or a 6-month prison sentence.

What are the risks covered?

The ten-year plumber’s guarantee applies in the event of damage affecting the solidity of the building or rendering the property unfit for the use for which it was intended. To be reimbursed more quickly for the damage caused, the customer can claim his work damage insurance. This contract covers claims relating to the ten-year guarantee and makes it possible not to wait for the court to recognize the responsibility of the project manager.

Here are some examples of damage covered by the ten-year guarantee following the completion of plumbing work:

  • A faulty or incorrectly sized heating installation;
  • A non-functional air conditioning system;
  • Water leaks.

As soon as he notices the existence of damage, the customer must inform the insurer, who will instruct an expert to assess their extent before proposing any compensation.

How is the price of decennial plumber’s insurance determined?

Insurers rely on several factors to determine the amount of the insurance premium that the plumber will have to pay:

  • The size of the business;
  • The turnover achieved;
  • The nature of the main activity carried out;
  • The level of experience and skills;
  • The processes used;
  • The extent of the guarantees desired.

For example, for a self-employed plumber with an annual turnover of between 33,200 and 250,000 euros, the amount of the premium varies from 1,016 euros to 1,888 euros per year. For plumbers whose turnover is equal to or greater than 400,000 euros per year, the ten-year guarantee costs a minimum of 3,900 euros.

Tips for getting the best 10-year plumber insurance quotes

Few ten-year plumber insurance offers are available on the market. It can therefore be complicated to bring competition into play.

To find the best deal, do not hesitate to use an online comparator. By filling out a quick form, you will get 100% personalized and non-binding ten-year guarantee quotes.

Note that a broker can also assist you in your research. This expert uses his network of partners to offer you the most advantageous offer. He will be able to answer your questions and guide you in your choice.

The most important thing is to anticipate the search for a ten-year guarantee in order to be able to present a certificate to its customers before the start of work.