Ten-year guarantee for veranda and glass roof installer: estimate and explanations

Are you a veranda and glass roof installer? The law requires you to take out a ten-year guarantee valid for 10 years following receipt of the work.

Building professionals, including veranda and glass roof installers, must take out ten-year insurance. Failing this, they risk a fine of 75,000 euros and / or a 6-month prison sentence.

Take out a ten-year guarantee: what are the advantages for the veranda and glass roof installer?

The design of a veranda or the installation of a canopy requires compliance with certain rules and good practices approved by the Agence Qualité Construction (AQC). This is why individuals who wish to undertake such work most often call on an experienced professional.

Manufacturers – installers of verandas and canopies are required to be insured for their ten-year civil liability. Before starting work, they must present their customers with an insurance certificate stating the contact details of the insurer, the nature of the work covered and the geographical area concerned by the contract. Without this document, they incur heavy penalties. In fact, in the event of a claim, the professionals will be forced to compensate the contracting authorities themselves up to the amount of the damage suffered.

Consequently, taking out a ten-year guarantee allows you to benefit from several advantages: financial protection for 10 years from the end of the work; a pledge of seriousness towards customers; to be able to carry out their activity in all serenity.

Nature of damage covered by decennial insurance

The defects covered by the ten-year guarantee are those which compromise the solidity of the structure or its inseparable equipment elements. Damage which renders the building unfit for its intended purpose is also covered.

Here are some examples of claims covered by this guarantee:

  • Significant cracks in the walls;
  • High humidity linked to poor insulation;
  • Subsidence of the ground;
  • The lack of sound insulation.

However, a customer’s complaint cannot relate to the effects of natural wear, lack of maintenance or abnormal use of a veranda or glass roof.

How to find a ten-year guarantee for an optimal veranda and canopy installer?

Several solutions allow you to sort through the many offers on the market. First, it is possible to use a free online comparator with no obligation to receive personalized quotes. In concrete terms, all you have to do is complete a quick anonymous questionnaire to access a list of offers corresponding to your needs. If one of the proposed contracts interests you, you can subscribe online in a few clicks and obtain the insurance certificate necessary to start the work.

Another tip: contact an experienced broker. The broker accompanies you throughout the subscription. He compares the offers for you and tries to find a contract combining extended guarantees and attractive prices by using his network of partners. This expert does not simply act as an intermediary since he is able to answer your questions and advise you at any time.

Finally, to find the best ten-year warranty for veranda and glass roof installers, it is essential to anticipate. By starting your search for insurance several weeks before the start date of your first project, you can take the time to compare the offers and choose the one that suits you best. Note that if you are unable to find a contract that meets your criteria, you can contact the Central Pricing Office (BCT) which will require an insurer to take care of you at the fixed rate.

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