Ten-year guarantee for waterproofing work (roof, terrace, facade): estimate and explanations

As a building craftsman, you are subject to a ten-year guarantee for the waterproofing work you carry out. These target, among other things, trades such as roofer-waterproofer, roofer-waterproofer, facade builder, asphalt worker, piscinist, etc.

In the event of non-compliance with the ten-year insurance obligation, you risk a civil fine of 75,000 euros and a criminal conviction of 6 months’ imprisonment.

So, it’s in your best interest to make sure. But what is the use of ten-year waterproofing insurance? What damages does it cover? How much does it cost and how to subscribe to it at the best value for money?

What is the use of having a ten-year waterproofing work?

The waterproofing works are numerous, they include both thermal insulation and the prevention of water infiltration in floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, facades, swimming pools, terraces and parking lots.

The work carried out by the waterproofer therefore has the function of delivering a frame “out of water” by providing a waterproof cover to numerous surfaces, thanks to the use of suitable synthetic or bituminous materials.

Their knowledge of the applicable regulations, technical procedures and safety rules is therefore decisive. Most of the time, waterproofers do multiple jobs at a time, in environments where humidity and exposure to rain are common.

As a result, craftsmen and companies ensuring the waterproofing of buildings are not immune to poor workmanship, construction defects and negligence. Ten-year insurance protects their activity and the peace of mind of their client-owners by repairing major damage resulting from their work, for 10 years from the acceptance of the site.

What damages are covered by the ten-year waterproofing company?

The ten-year waterproofing works insurance concerns only the “shell”, that is to say the damage likely to compromise the solidity of the building or make it unfit for its intended purpose.

Thus, the damage covered by the ten-year waterproofing guarantee can be numerous and give rise to substantial amounts of compensation. Indeed, the work carried out ensures the “closed and covered” of the building, ie the very envelope on which the construction is based.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of damages covered by the ten-year waterproofing insurance:

  • Water leaks from the roof
  • Water runoff on the terraces
  • Water infiltration through facades and floors

So much damage affecting the shell and compromising both the safety of the inhabitants and the solidity of the property.

Ten-year waterproofing insurance: compare the prices!

As you will have understood, ten-year insurance is absolutely essential to carry out your professional activity. In addition, it will be requested from you both by the client and by the owner building, renovating or rehabilitating his apartment, his house, etc.

How much does the ten-year waterproofer cost?

The cost of a ten-year guarantee differs depending on many parameters. There is the choice of insurer of course, but also criteria relating to your company and the construction activities that you carry out.

The price is thus calculated according to your diplomas and experience, your previous loss experience, the size of your company (number of employees, legal status, estimated or actual turnover) and the place where you work.

On average, it will cost you an annual insurance premium equivalent to 2% of your turnover. Here are the minimum costs you can expect:

  • A contribution of 200 euros per month for 50,000 euros of turnover in a new micro-enterprise
  • A contribution of 250 euros per month for a sole proprietorship of a few years making 100,000 euros in turnover
  • A contribution of 350 euros per month for an experienced company with a turnover of 200,000 euros

These figures being averages, they hide great disparities between companies. When some will pay 200 euros per month, others will pay more than 500 euros per month for a ten-year waterproofer.

Find ten-year waterproofing insurance at the best price

To take out your ten-year insurance at the best possible value for money, you should compare both the guarantees and the rates offered by different insurers.

You will be particularly vigilant as to the amount of the deductibles and ceilings provided for in the contract in order to have an “acceptable” remaining charge in the event of a claim and not jeopardizing your business activity.

The right solution for decennial waterproofing insurance at the right price? The use of an online comparator allowing you to access personalized offers in a few clicks, then to receive without obligation from you the most relevant quotes!

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