Ten-year structural work guarantee: estimate and explanations

Building workers have the obligation to take out a ten-year guarantee before starting work. This contract aims to cover poor workmanship and other inherent defects in a construction.

Do you work in the field of structural works? Before committing to a construction site, consider taking out ten-year insurance. Here is everything you need to know to take out the best warranty.

Good reasons to take out ten-year structural construction insurance

The shell corresponds to the structural work of a building: foundations, load-bearing walls, floors and roof. Several trades are attached to it, including those of mason, carpenter or roofer. The structural work should not be confused with the finishing work which refers to the equipment and interior fittings.

Professionals working in this area are required to take out a ten-year guarantee, in accordance with the Spinetta law of January 4, 1978. This obligation does not only concern builders but also sellers after completion of a work, sellers of buildings to be built and technical controllers.

The ten-year guarantee has several advantages for the structural work professional. First of all, this insurance covers the necessary repairs following damage that would render the property unfit for its use or to construction defects involving the solidity of the building or its inseparable equipment items. Then, the ten-year insurance is valid for 10 years from the date of receipt of the work. In other words, if damage related to your intervention occurs during this period, it will be covered by the insurer. Finally, it is important to subscribe to this guarantee to be in compliance with the law because in the event of default of subscription, you incur a fine of 75,000 euros and / or 6 months imprisonment.

List of damages covered by the ten-year guarantee

The following are systematically covered by ten-year insurance:

  • Damage that threatens the solidity of the construction : roof collapse, cracks in the walls, soil defects, etc. ;
  • Damage which renders the work unfit for its intended purpose : lack of thermal insulation of the walls, subsidence of the floor, lack of waterproofing, etc. ;
  • Damage affecting the items of equipment inseparable from the structure : embedded pipes, concrete screed, faulty electrical installation, etc.

In addition, in addition to damage of an aesthetic nature and those related to normal wear and tear of the accommodation, certain events do not allow the liability of the structural work professional. It is about: the defect emanating from a third, the foreign cause, the fault coming from the owner.

Ten-year structural work guarantee: what is the price?

To determine the price of a ten-year guarantee, insurers rely on several elements:

  • The type of activity carried out;
  • The workforce of the company;
  • The amount of turnover;
  • The experience of the entrepreneur;
  • Insurance history.

For example, the cost of a ten-year structural work guarantee is established at 1,400 euros per year on average for a carpenter. If you have a masonry activity, it costs around 1,800 euros per year.

Do you want to benefit from the best ten-year guarantee without having to travel? Do not hesitate to use a free online comparator with no obligation. Concretely, you just need to complete a quick questionnaire by filling in the aforementioned elements to receive a list of quotes meeting your needs. Note that a broker can also answer your questions and help you find a suitable contract. Indeed, this specialist has a large network of partners with whom he can compete and negotiate prices.

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