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Terrace lighting: 8 mistakes to avoid!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are milder – and the evenings invite you to spend time on your patio. How to light up this famous outdoor space and how to create a warm atmosphere without necessarily spending too much money and too much energy? Which are the errors to avoid ? Here are the 8 most common: try to override.

1 – Think only of direct global lighting

Enjoying a delicious barbecue buffet with the family or a pleasant game evening with friends on the terrace is a delightful experience. The lighting of your terrace must therefore be adapted. But if the situation is different depending on the evening decor, you may not need direct global lighting. You need especially bright light when you eat, play board games, or want to read your favorite book. You can also opt for indirect lighting of your terrace. In this case, LED spotlights recessed into the floor of the terrace are a good choice. You can also use spotlights to illuminate your plants or the wall.

2 – Do not consider the location of your lights

The possibilities for implementing your patio lighting ideas are almost limitless. If your patio is covered, you can use patio lights for its ceiling. The exterior panels in particular emit a pleasant, flat and diffused light that relieves your eyes when reading. The floor of the terrace is also a means of lighting the outside. Install recessed floor lamps in your patio and enjoy atmospheric lighting effects. LED patio wall lights are ideal as basic lighting. So think carefully about all the implementation possibilities that are available to you. It’s not just the ceiling or the floor, you can look at different areas.

3 – do without chic and efficient LED lights

A terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the warm summer evenings with family or friends. In order to fully enjoy the evening, the lighting must be correct: it must be both functional and decorative and create a warm atmosphere so that you can forget about your daily life for an evening and relax. Think about LED lights! An elegant play of light and shadow creates a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and, thanks to LED technology, can be switched on without fear of excessive energy consumption. Because modern lamps are equipped with LED chips that consume up to 90% less energy and have a long service life.

4 – Don’t worry about the protection level of your lights

Always check the protection level of your lights. Outdoor lamps must have an IP value of at least 44. Information on the level of protection can be found on the product sheets or the technical data of the product.

5 – Do not be interested in the “temperature” of your lights

Choose a warm light for a warm atmosphere, for example a very warm white. This color “temperature” has many red components and tends to tend towards yellow. This creates a living room atmosphere in which you and your guests will feel comfortable.

6 – Install too bright lighting

Pay attention to the brightness of your outdoor lights: too bright light can disrupt the serene nighttime atmosphere of your outdoor space. For larger areas, however, you need a bit more light intensity. About 400 to 600 lumens are enough for a beautiful outdoor light. A powerful spotlight that stages parts of the front of the house must emit several thousand lumens depending on the size of the illuminated area. Use dimmable lamps! This way you remain flexible in the lighting design and can decide the brightness of your outdoor space according to your individual needs. In addition, this option offers additional energy saving possibilities, as you reduce not only the brightness, but also the power supply.

7 – do without sensor lighting

Use sensor lighting. Lights with motion detectors not only provide instant light as soon as movement is detected, but the innovative technology also guarantees high energy savings! This is reflected on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

8 – Consider only one type of lighting

Ceiling lights and wall lights

Ceiling lights or wall sconces are suitable for general lighting. LED products also save a lot of energy because they are equipped with modern chips that consume much less electricity than conventional lamps. Wall and ceiling lights are in a way your generic lighting. They are also popular for areas next to your front door or on the exterior wall of your garage.

Outdoor spotlights

The spots emit a direct and targeted light. You will find a wide choice: from discreet recessed spots to adjustable spots. But LED outdoor spots are not only suitable for practical reasons. They also serve as spot lighting, provide an attractive light aesthetic and can illuminate particular areas in a very aesthetic way.


Powerful floodlights are ideal for outdoor use. They offer sufficient brightness with high luminous flux values ​​and high IP protection level, which makes them weatherproof. Particularly large areas such as gardens can be beautifully illuminated with spotlights. Likewise, the facade of your house or the trees can be illuminated in this way to create a harmonious effect.

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