Tesla: apparently driverless fatal crash

A fatal accident involving a Tesla took place Saturday April 17 in Texas, strange fact, it seems that no driver was present in the vehicle.

An accident but no driver

It could have just been a sad news item, but one detail makes it more original. A car accident took place on Saturday April 17, 2021 in Texas. A fast-moving Tesla car crashed into a tree before catching fire. Inside the vehicle investigating Harris County Police discovered the bodies of two passengers but neither of them were driving.

Mark Herman, one of the Harris County police officials, told the Wall Street Journal that none of the two individuals found dead were in the driver’s seat. One of them occupied the passenger seat in the front and the second was seated in the rear of the vehicle. Thus, Mark Herman explains: “ The first elements of the investigation, which is not yet completed, show thatthere was no one behind the wheel of the vehicle .

The Tesla is not an autonomous car

For the moment, the investigation has not yet determined whether the driver’s airbag was engaged and whether the Tesla’s driver assistance system was engaged at the time of the fatal accident. Tesla specifies on its website that its driving assistance system does not in any way make the car autonomous. The driver, if he can relax when he engages it, must however remain alert.

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla has worked for years to make its vehicles fully autonomous. Currently, if Tesla technology is very advanced, the autonomy of the vehicle does not reach level 5 which allows the vehicle to do without the driver completely and to be 100% autonomous. Tesla’s autopilot is at level 2/3, that is to say that it allows the car to perform certain functions on its own and that it can ensure a trip on its own but under the constant vigilance of the driver.