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As Joe Biden assumes his new role, distractions and illusions abound, in a day-to-day economy that is more fictitious: waking up will be difficult … if at all.

The new president of the United States has taken office.

You would think he would find it easy.

He only has two major responsibilities to keep in mind:

protect the freedom of citizens;

protect their wealth.

The rest is just details … distraction … and (usually) follies.

Whose fault is it ?

Distractions are plentiful, however… and illusions are more prevalent than house flies.

There is still no wall on the Mexican border.

In contrast, there is now one – wire fence and barbed wire – that protects Washington insiders from outsiders from the rest of the country.

Some of our readers accuse the Republicans of putting the United States in this sorry state. Others blame the Democrats.

To the Chronic, on the other hand, we blame everyone… and no one at the same time.

Birds must fly. The fish must swim. A degenerate empire must descend from its heights, one faux pas at a time. Each president must take the fall assigned to him.

Bush with his War on Terror. Obama with his Wall Street bailout. Trump and his spending hikes, tax cuts, trade wars, Covid-19 checks, and other abominations.

Whose fault is it ? Should we blame the wolf for eating the sheep? Does he even know that he is carnivorous?

Now… and you, Biden?

The new president is just a human being. He’s probably unaware that he’s supposed to destroy the empire. He just does what comes naturally to him.

He listens to those around him – other members of the elite of the Deep state. All of them agree. They have a priority list.

The protection of citizens and their property is not even included.

Falsified economy

Their first priority is to keep the sham economy standing. The Morning market, from Stansberry Research, comments:

Janet Yellen, appointed to the post of Secretary of the US Treasury, has warned lawmakers that any delay or insufficient support to put Biden’s stimulus packages in place could lead to lasting economic damage.

A healthy economy frankly does not need regular injections of counterfeit money. But we’re going to whisper a revelation to you: the US economy is an impostor.

Interest rates are fraudulent. The prices are bogus. Production is weakened and perverted. Tesla is not really worth $ 800 billion.

The financial industry oils don’t really earn their millions in bonuses. The federal government cannot really afford to send checks for $ 2,000 to people who do not deserve that money.

The whole system is arranged… doped… and tampered with. He now looks like a married man who has a second family hidden somewhere. He must maintain his lies.

Yellen & co. must maintain their counterfeit money.

The transformation has taken place over many years. Barely noticed and rarely understood, it nonetheless turned the US economy into a frightening thing… grotesque and unnatural.

Over the centuries, mankind has learned that central planning, paper money, and bureaucratic pricing always ends in disaster.

Somehow, the American elite have forgotten these lessons. It’s as if they’ve forgotten how you walk on your own two feet without dragging your knuckles on the ground grumbling.

Now the simians are in control. As in the zoo, they swing, hanging from the bars and, on occasion, throw their excrement at the public.

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