The 10 most useful birds in the garden

You are lucky to have a garden and to be able to plant flowers, fruit trees or even to make a vegetable garden. To make it even more beautiful, you need certain insects and birds. Birds are essential for your garden, because they contribute to a better balance for nature. Thus, if the birds want to come and settle near your garden, it is strongly recommended to keep hedges so that they can nest in it. Also set up a water point for them to come and drink. Here are the 10 most useful birds for your garden.

1 – The robin

The robin is a small bird that you will easily recognize thanks to its orange throat and round body. It is migratory, but when it has to eat it becomes sedentary. This little sparrow is very useful in a garden, because it defends its territory. He eats worms and insects that it finds in the soil of your garden or in the foliage. Thus, it cleans your soil by eliminating pests that can be harmful to your plantations. In winter, provide him with a feeder with fat and seeds so that he can stay.

2 – The goldfinch

The goldfinch is a precious ally for the garden. Its plumage is variegated with black, beige, yellow, white and red. Goldfinches love to eat plant seeds. It nests from the month of March and is discreet, because it is shy. It settles in fruit trees or in poplars if they are far from homes. It still nests in hedges. To attract this bird to your garden, you can grow burdock and thistles which he loves.

3 – The tit

The tit is a lovely little bird with many varieties. The blue tit is very fond of caterpillars, aphids, spiders, larvae of all kinds, beetles, weevils, etc. It is an excellent ally of gardens and thus eliminates many pests. The barnacle tit and the great tit are also precious friends to protect your plantations from insects and larvae. The crested tit, is fond of spiders, but also eats other insects.

4 – The bullfinch

The bullfinch with orange robe and head or red or peony. This bird is granivorous and has a very hard bill. He also likes to peck the fruits of lilacs, hornbeams and alders. The Peony-headed Bullfinch lives in pairs and nests in hedges. The red-headed bullfinch prefers to nest high up. This pretty little bird is an ally for your garden, as it spreads seeds and berries. The flora is thus renewed naturally and organically. To get him to come, all you have to do is put a feeder with seeds at his disposal.

5 – The black or gray flycatcher

The black or gray flycatcher is a insectivorous dreadful and cleans the gardens of vermin. As the name suggests, it gobbles up flies and other insects in mid-flight such as mosquitoes, horseflies, bumblebees, butterflies, and even wood bugs. The flycatcher still loves caterpillars, various larvae and beetles.

6 – the cute wren

The cute wren is very pretty as the name suggests. It has light brown plumage with darker colored mottled lines on the edge of the wings. This bird eats insects and spider larvae. When it settles in your garden, it foams all these pests. The cute wren niche in cavities of old walls or bushy places.

7 – the starling or starling

The starling or common starling is one of the best allies of a garden. This insectivore eats everything: from spiders to ants, including crickets and grasshoppers, it will delight in the pests that have taken up residence in your hedges, your plantations, your fruit trees and the soil of your lawn. Don’t chase him so much It is useful.

8 – The Eurasian nuthatch

The torchepot sitelle is a small bird that can be recognized by its ability to climb along the trunks of trees. Although quite rare, it settles in gardens to feed on ants, caterpillars, beetles, larvae, insects and various beetles. This little bird, always balanced on a vertical trunk, is very useful in a garden.

9 – The greenfinch

The greenfinch is a bird insectivorous. Its plumage colors are yellow and green. This beautiful bird begins to nest in the month of April in hedges and feeds on berries, insects and seeds. In winter, he loves the seeds of sunflower. If you make food available, the greenfinch will come back to you every year. If your garden is infested with destructive birds, the greenfinch will drive them away and occupy the area for ten years.

10 – The sparrow

The sparrow is present all year round in the regions of France. Not very shy, it is often in the gardens of city pavilions and feeds on the seeds of nettles or thistles, but also aphids, locusts, ants, chafer and other beetles. It should therefore not be hunted even if it tends to nest in the roofs or gutters of houses.

These ten species of small garden birds are given as an indication, because there are still many others that are useful in a garden. If you want to attract them, put them to eat in winter so that they become sedentary. You can also put birdhouses in your trees. Some of them will come to make their nests and lay their eggs.