The 5G network soon to be deployed in Paris

Telephone operators and the Paris city hall announced on Friday February 19, 2021 that they had reached an agreement. The 5G network should therefore soon be deployed throughout the capital.

An agreement reached between Paris and the telephone operators

While the deployment of the new 5G network is accelerating across France, the city of Paris was lagging behind. With more than 2 million inhabitants, the capital is a breeding ground for potential new customers for telephone operators. However, while 5G was already well deployed in the inner suburbs, Paris paradoxically remained an area where the deployment of 5G had not yet started.. But this incongruous situation is about to change.

The city of Paris and the telephone operators announced on Friday February 19, 2021 that they had reached an agreement on the supervision of the deployment of 5G in the capital. An agreement that may be surprising, since no regulation requires operators to have authorization from the town hall to deploy the 5G network. However, faced with questions about the effects of 5G on health, theOperators have more interest in coming to an agreement with the town halls than in effecting a forced passage.

The obligation to respect the city’s mobile telephony charter

Thus, the mayor of Paris has decided to conduct a citizen consultation on the issue of 5G in order to update the city’s mobile telephony charter. This charter, which has existed since 2003, aims to “ master the evolution of exposure to electromagnetic waves of Parisians “. The new charter must be voted in March at a Council meeting in Paris. If the latter is adopted, operators will be able to accept it and start the deployment of 5G.

The new charter obliges operators to comply with certain conditions. Thus, they must notably contribute to compliance with the Paris Agreement and the city’s climate plan, but also participate in fulfilling the objective of digital inclusion. The town hall intends to set up an elected observatory in order to verify that the operators really fulfill their commitments.

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