The American wirehair: character, education, health, price | Cat breed

The American wirehair has a lot of similarities with the American shorthair in particular its temperament. But what differentiates the American wirehair from its cousin is its coarse and very wavy coat which reinforces its unique character in the feline universe. Otherwise, this cat remains an excellent pet, because he adores children and loves to play.

Characteristics of American wirehair

Of medium height, the American wirehair has a slender appearance and a rather muscular build. It gives an impression of power by revealing a balanced body. He has a rounded head with high cheeks and detached cheekbones. The nose and muzzle are short and the chin relatively developed. It is also recognized as having medium sized ears which are large and rounded towards the tip. The eyes are a bright color that has nothing to do with the color of the dress. They are big, bright and shiny. A peculiarity of the American wirehair is its frizzy, wavy coat. The hairs are short and well supplied. The standard accepts all designs and all coat colors except fawn, lilac, chocolate and cinnamon.

History of the American wirehair breed

Although popular in the United States, the American wirehair is still a rare breed. It first appeared in New York in 1966. The coarse, curly coat is due to a genetic mutation. The first litters of cats with the same physical characteristics were obtained thanks to a cross between a Council Rock Farm Adam of Hi-Fi, the first cat to develop the same type of coat, and another cat with a stiff coat. In the United States, the recognition of the breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) took place in 1987. The American wirehair did not land in France until around 1972.

American Wirehair Necessary Living Conditions and Behavior

The American wirehair is a calm and affectionate cat. It also has a sporty and dynamic side, coupled with a lot of curiosity. One thing is certain: this feline needs space for its movements and to find occupations. This does not prevent him from living in apartments. It is the perfect pet because it loves children. He is not temperamental and can adapt to the presence of other cats in the house. On the other hand, it will be necessary to avoid cohabitation with other animals such as rabbits or mice. To be happy, the American wirehair also needs attention and affection. Especially since he is a very sensitive person who wants comfort all the time.

Diet and main health problems of the American wirehair

The American wirehair suffers from an inherited condition called polycystic kidney disease. He may also be affected by a condition causing thickening of the walls of the heart called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. At the same time, it is possible that small allergies appear due to its very particular coat. The latter needs regular care.

As for her diet, she will simply have to adapt to her physical activities, her age and her health. Of course, any form of overfeeding should be avoided for the good health of the animal.

Price of an American wirehair cat or kitten

  • Price American wirehair male: 950 €
  • Price American wirehair female: 950 €

Photo credit: Heikki Siltala