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Benefiting from a very good notoriety in Austria, the Austrian Brachet develops a strong instinct of hunter. He is also an excellent pet. On the other hand, it is not very suitable for activities linked to childcare.

Characteristics of the Austrian Brachet

The Austrian Brachet has a medium size with a flexible, elongated and strong construction. Females measure on average between 48 and 54 cm while males are between 50 and 56 cm. The weight varies between 19 and 21 kg. The dog develops a well marked withers, a slightly raised kidney, a long back and a slightly sloping croup. It is noted for its medium head with a large skull, a black nose, a strong muzzle, developed lips and strong jaws. Expressing a soft and frank gaze, the Austrian Brachet displays dark brown eyes that are particularly clear and devoid of red conjunctivitis. The ears, for their part, are of medium length, are not excessively large and are drooping along the cheeks. In terms of the coat, it is tight, smooth, dense and silky. The coat must be black with the presence of clearly drawn tan markings.

History of the Austrian Brachet breed

Authentic descendant of the Celtic Pointer, namely the Keltenbracke, the Austrian Brachet has distant origins. Like most ancient dogs, there are very few written records relating its true history before the 19th century, because prior to this period, no regulations governed breeding activities. We do know, however, that he received definitive recognition from the FCI on September 3, 1954. The publication of his standard dates from October 10, 1995. It should be noted that during his life, the Austrian Brachet was mainly used as a hunting and tracking dog, valued for its endurance and exceptional flair. In Austria, he built his reputation around his unique skills. But despite this, he remains a rare dog even in his home country. In France, hardly any births are registered.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Austrian Brachet

The Austrian Brachet is a dog with a pleasant temperament. He is reserved, attentive, affectionate and attached to his masters. He is also conciliatory, but is not at all suitable as a goalkeeper. They are friendly, sensitive animals who get along well with everyone in the house including children. On the other hand, as he has a developed hunting instinct, cohabitation with small animals may be problematic, in case he starts chasing them. Like many primitive breeds, the Austrian Brachet needs a good education to avoid behavioral drifts. He must also have an experienced and athletic master, because he is a great runner.

Diet and main problems of the Austrian Brachet

The Austrian Brachet is not affected by any specific pathology. It is a very robust dog that can live up to 13 years. During the hunting season, he needs very strict health monitoring. As for food, she will have to take into account her physical activity as well as her age.

Price of an Austrian Brachet dog or puppy

  • Austrian Brachet price male: n / a
  • Austrian Brachet Prize female: nc

Photo credit: Steffen Heinz