The automotive market still entangled in the health crisis

The rebound in the automotive market is long overdue. The number of new registrations recorded in April is still well below the level before the health crisis.

Funny face soup for automakers. The number of new registrations stood at 140,428 vehicles for individuals. This represents a decline of 25.38% compared to April 2019, the comparison basis of the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA). The group explains that the comparison with April 2020 is unusable given the health context which, at the time, had pushed the country into strict containment and the closure of dealers. It had registered less than 21,000 new cars in April 2020, on a market “completely at a standstill”.

A still declining market

By adding commercial vehicles (i.e. 40,282), the total number of new registrations in April 2021 stands at 180,710. The difference with April 2019 is therefore -22%. The CCFA therefore logically concludes that the new home market has still not recovered to its level before the outbreak of the health crisis. On the other hand, the context is ” favorable »For the second-hand market and for rental formulas intended for individuals. In addition, the park continues its “ greening With the good health of hybrid vehicles.

No miracle for French groups

The French manufacturers have not managed to pull out their game. Worse, they are doing less than the average! The Stellantis group, which groups the brands of PSA (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, etc.) and Fiat Chrysler, posted a 30.62% drop in new registrations compared to April 2019. It is even worse for the Renault group with an even greater drop of 32.5%. Hoping now that the economic situation improves with the gradual reopening of the country.