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There are 35,000 bakeries in France, or one for every 2,000 inhabitants. If their number is decreasing, the quality is still there. It is precisely to promote this know-how that the famous French baguette will present its candidacy for inscription on the representative list of the intangible heritage of UNESCO. A first step before the final consecration?

Unesco: the baguette candidate for registration

French bakers can be proud. The famous baguette, a bread typically “good from home” was chosen to be a candidate for registration with Unesco. It was Roselyne Bachelot herself who announced the news to the Parisian on Friday March 26, 2021.

The baguette is a living part of our heritage! Alive but fragile because it is based on the exceptional know-how of the craftsmen, and their commitment to this so beautiful but so demanding work. The baguette is a noble and deceptively simple product, it takes years, from a few ingredients, to find its signature … its touch! This product brings us together and it is for this reason that I chose it »Detailed in the newspaper the Minister of Culture.

The baguette, a traditional French know-how

However, it was not won for the wand. It was in competition with the “zinc roofers of Paris” who were very nearly chosen. It is because they are “too Parisian” that they had to give way. The “Biou d’Arbois”, a periodic wine festival, the patronal feast day and anniversary of the Liberation of the town of Arbois had also been identified but seemed to have much less chance of being selected.

This is only the first step and the Ministry of Culture has until March 31, 2021 to submit the file. We will have to wait until the fall of 2022 to know the answer. ” If this national candidacy were successful before Unesco, the inscription of this element will make it possible to raise awareness that a food practice which is part of everyday life, shared by the greatest number and goes without saying, constitutes a heritage apart. whole », Declared Roselyne Bachelot, in a press release.