The battle for super packages is on again! – EconomyMorning

In mid-April 2021, operators compete for promotions and draw very generous packages at low prices.

The 200 GB package currently offered by two operators

Subscribing to a 200 GB package at a reasonable price is now possible at B & You and RED by SFR. Until April 15, 2021, the two operators are offering a 200 GB package for 15 euros / month, for life. It is much more advantageous than at Prixtel, which offers (until April 13, 2021) the same package at 22.99 euros / month, again for life.

In the segment of 150 GB packages too, operators are competing with each other. NRJ Mobile draws a great offer at 7.99 euros / month for 12 months, then 22.99 euros / month. It is open for subscription until April 18, 2021. Prixtel is also making an offer (until April 13, 2021), but more expensive this time: with this operator the 150 GB package costs 17.99 euros / month for 12 months, then 24.99 euros / month.

Three operators compete in the 100 GB segment

In the 100 GB segment, Auchan Télécom is offering (until April 14, 2021) the most interesting offer. The operator offers this package at 4.99 euros / month for 6 months, then 19.99 euros / month. But the offers of B & You and RED by SFR may also be of interest to consumers because it is a lifetime price. With these two operators, the 100 GB package (open for subscription until April 15, 2021) costs 13 euros / month.

And if you want an 80 GB plan, there are several options. If you find yourself canceling it after 12 months to resubscribe with another operator, the 80 GB package from Coriolis Telecom is the most interesting: it is offered at 9.99 euros / month for 12 months, then 18.99 euros / month. A slightly less interesting offer is on the Prixtel side (until April 13, 2021): 12.99 / month for 12 months, then 19.99 / month. Finally, the red lantern, La Poste Mobile offers an 80 GB package at 14.99 euros / month.