The Berger Blanc Suisse: character, education, health, prices | Dog Breed

With its beautiful immaculate white coat, the Berger Blanc Suisse seems to come from elsewhere. This resolutely elegant looking animal, but of a slightly sensitive nature, is an excellent companion for families.

Characteristics of the Berger Blanc Suisse

The White Swiss Shepherd is a strong and powerful dog of medium size. He has a profile of elegance and harmony and develops impressive musculature. The body ends in a bushy tail which is set low. This breed has a head proportional to its size. She is powerful with a slightly rounded head. We notice the slightly marked stop of the animal as well as its muzzle neither too big nor too small.

And what about her eyes, they are very expressive and display a dark brown color that contrasts with the color of the dress. Its ears are triangular, carried high and a little rounded on the tips. The coat can be long or mid-length. The standard does not admit curly hairs, only wavy hairs. As the name already suggests, the dress is immaculate.

The White Swiss Shepherd is a strong and strong dog, of medium size

History of the Berger Blanc Suisse breed

The origins of the Berger Blanc Suisse go back a long way. The first traces of this breed date from 1890 in Germany. At that time, the immaculate white dress was quite common. But the situation changed in 1933 when the standards of the German Shepherd began to prohibit this color. The White Swiss Shepherd was therefore almost eradicated, because the breeders were silent about their existence. Fortunately, in the northern United States, breeders have nevertheless perpetuated the reproduction of this breed which has prevented its disappearance. The Berger Blanc Suisse will only be recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) in 2003.

The origins of the Berger Blanc Suisse go back a long way

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Berger Blanc Suisse

The White Swiss Shepherd is intelligent and above all very curious. He enjoys experimenting with new things, which is why he will be interested in gardening and DIY activities practiced by his masters. Calm and kind, the Berger Blanc Suisse is the ideal pet for children, especially since it is also devoid of any aggressiveness.

On the other hand, it will not be suitable for teachers who are very often absent. This dog finds it hard to cope with loneliness and can do a lot of damage when left alone for far too long. In addition to needing attention, he must also be educated firmly, but never aggressively. Also, given his size, he will be happier in large spaces.

The Berger Blanc Suisse is intelligent and above all very curious

Diet and main health problems of the Berger Blanc Suisse

Able to live up to 14 years, the Berger Blanc Suisse is rather robust. But it is still advisable to remain attentive to certain pathologies such as diarrhea or hip dysplasia. Parasitic infestations must also be very well cared for.

As for his diet, the dog will need to eat three or four meals daily until he is six months old. Then, he will need two daily rations. Whenever possible, the ideal is to favor homemade food rather than industrial food.

Price of a white Swiss Shepherd dog or puppy

  • Price Berger Blanc Suisse male: € 1,100
  • Price Berger Blanc Suisse female: € 1,100