The best ten-year guarantee in 2021

Building professionals are subject to the ten-year insurance obligation. To be valid, this contract must be signed before the start of the work.

Do you work as a construction professional? Before accepting a site, you must take out ten-year insurance. What is the best ten-year guarantee in 2021? How to choose the right contract? All the answers.

Reminders on ten-year insurance

In the field of construction, a risk can appear long after the triggering event and have serious consequences. The liability of building professionals is incurred over a period of 10 years and the insurance covering these risks, also called the ten-year guarantee, extends over the same period.

The Insurance Code specifies that any manufacturer must take out ten-year insurance under penalty of incurring a 75,000 euro fine and / or a 6-month prison sentence. Several professions are concerned including masons, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, architects, real estate developers or even individuals who build for themselves. Without this coverage, the worker will have to personally compensate the customer for the damage suffered.

What are the best ten-year insurance contracts in 2021?

Here is an overview of the best ten-year guarantees offered by insurers in 2021:

1 – QBE ten-year guarantee

QBE offers tailor-made solutions to companies and construction professionals. The QBE ten-year guarantee offer, available from 880 euros per year, includes a deductible and flexible guarantees, and provides for monthly splitting at no additional cost.

2 – Entoria ten-year guarantee

Entoria sets itself apart by offering particularly flexible subscription conditions and attractive prices. It is possible to subscribe from 1,100 euros per year.

3 – AXA ten-year guarantee

The insurer offers complete protection to construction companies and professionals. The basic formula covers a large number of damages and includes legal protection. The prices are competitive and start from 1,200 euros per year.

4 – Groupama ten-year guarantee

By subscribing to the Groupama ten-year guarantee, construction companies and craftsmen can benefit from full insurance cover, with guarantees for all situations (operating civil liability guarantee, environmental damage guarantee, civil liability guarantee after delivery or completion of work) from 1,300 euros per year.

5 – MMA ten-year guarantee

MMA allows its future customers to take out a ten-year insurance contract in a few clicks. Upon subscription, they receive all their documents as well as a ten-year guarantee certificate. At MMA, this guarantee is included in the professional insurance contract MMA BTP.

Our 2 tips for choosing the right ten-year insurance

1er advice: play the competition with a comparator

The price of ten-year insurance can be particularly high. It depends on criteria linked to your company (sector of activity, size and status, amount of turnover), criteria linked to the activity carried out (number of years of experience, professions to be covered, processes or techniques used…), criteria linked to the contract (guarantees included and choice of insurer). To choose among the quotes offered by the online comparator, you will therefore have to compare the prices but also the extent of the guarantees offered.

2th advice: use a decennial insurance broker

The broker plays both the role of advisor and salesperson or negotiator. He analyzes his clients’ requests to find them the best ten-year insurance contracts on the market. It relies on its extensive network of partners to obtain the most attractive prices. If you want to benefit from personalized support and advice, do not hesitate to contact this professional.

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