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Perfect replica of the Yorkshire Terrier, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is distinguished from its ancestor quite simply by its blue and white fur. This city-dweller pleases not only for his crisp face, but also for his fearless character coupled with great affection and a lot of intelligence.

Characteristics of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the category of small dogs since it measures between 17 and 27 cm with a weight that fluctuates between 1 to 3 kg, making it the perfect pet for those who live in an apartment. The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is immediately recognizable by its cute face marked by a small and flat head. It has a short muzzle and a very dark colored nose. Physically, he looks like the Yorkshire Terrier, which also has small dark eyes expressing intelligence.

The ears for their part are also small in size, are straight and form a sort of inverted V. The hairs are short and not long. The main element that will differentiate the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier from the Yorkshire Terrier concerns its coat. It must always be tricolor, that is to say blue, white and gold or gold, white and black. It is imperative that white dominates only in the chest, stomach and limbs. Gold for its part appears only on the head. As for the coat, it falls straight and uniform on both sides of the body with a visible stripe in the middle of the back.

History of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breed

If we talk about the origins of the Yorkshire Terrier, we can say that it is a fairly old animal since it has existed since the 19th century. At the time, Scottish workers who migrated to Yorkshire had small dogs responsible for hunting rodents. The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier for its part is a recent breed that appeared from 1984. It was born on the initiative of a couple of German breeders who selected subjects of Yorkshire Terrier with tricolor coat namely blue, white and gold . So far, this breed does not benefit from the recognition of the FCI or the SCC. On the other hand, it is recognized by the American association United Kennel Club. Most of the breeding is concentrated in Germany although it is also possible to find breeders in Eastern Europe as in Ukraine, Latvia, Poland or Hungary.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

The character of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier does not differ much from that of the Yorkshire Terrier. He is a very lively animal who is always looking for action. He appreciates himself for the attention and affection he has for his masters. Above all, he is recognized for a lot of intelligence, which can facilitate his education which must be carried out early and firm to avoid nonsense.

Diet and main health problems of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Due to its small size, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier tends to be fragile. He especially has sensitive joints and it is necessary to pay close attention to his kneecaps and cervical vertebrae. When it is still young, the animal can also suffer from hypoglycemia. Finally, a follow-up at the level of the teeth is recommended to avoid the accumulation of tartar.

Price of a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Dog or Puppy

  • Price Biewer Yorkshire Terrier male: n / a
  • Price Biewer Yorkshire Terrier female: n / a
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