The big bag: a flexible bag storage solution

Like last year, I replaced my electric heater in the living room with a wood stove, I must quickly solve the storage problems of my logs, to protect them from humidity. I was then advised to invest in a special firewood big bag.

Think of the big bag to store your firewood

I was unaware of the existence of flexible container bags until a few months ago, when I had to solve the problem of storing my firewood very quickly. Indeed, stored in an unventilated and poorly ventilated place, the logs had a humidity level of over 20%, with poor combustion performance. Of course, there were black smoke emissions that pollute the environment and clog my wood stove. However, each year, when buying cubic meters of wood, I take the time to check if the logs are dry. In fact, I generally choose them light and split, or with the bark starting to peel off.

Unfortunately, as I store the wood on the floor in my cellar, the logs quickly become wet after spending a few months in this room. Thus, during the summer season, before the onset of the cold period, I have to take my firewood out in the sun, so as not to end up with wet fuel throughout the winter.

To remedy this situation, I sought advice from my timber supplier. The latter took me to one of his warehouses, to show me his storage system. To my surprise, I found myself in front of large soft bags filled to the brim with dry wood, lined up next to each other.

What is a soft container bag?

Without further ado, I inquired about the characteristics of these large bags. Thus, big bags are generally made from thick polypropylene, a material particularly renowned for its great resistance and strength. Therefore, depending on their size, this type of container supports a very heavy weight of up to 1 to 2 tonnes. Moreover, to facilitate their movement from one point to another using a forklift, the models used by the firewood supplier are fitted with straps. And the use of these flexible container bags is not only reserved for the storage of firewood. They are also used to transport and transport building materials such as rubble, cement or sand.

In addition, these large bags can also be used to store fertilizers and agricultural seeds. Both practical and economical, big bags are ideal solutions to remedy the humidity problems of my heating logs. Without further ado, I asked my timber supplier for the contact details of the company where he used to buy his container bags. Mainly intended for bulk storage of wood, he recommended the models with a bottom, and both ventilated sides, in mosquito net. Finally, depending on my needs, I have the option of choosing between a large returnable bag, or one with a drain skirt.

(Alupus photo via Wikimedia Commons)