The bigger we are, the more we are discriminated against

People with obesity are more likely to suffer from discrimination. Worse, the larger a person’s body mass, the more likely they are to be discriminated against, reveals the National League Against Obesity.

Among people with massive obesity, 2 in 5 feel discriminated against

Discrimination, obese people know very well what it is. They suffer this discrimination repeatedly and everywhere: in the public sphere, at school, at work and even in the medical sphere. While 18% of all French people currently suffer or have suffered discrimination, 23% of people with obesity suffer from it. Worse, the more obese you are, the more likely you are to be discriminated against: 41% of people with massive obesity are discriminated against, according to an Odoxa poll for the National League Against Obesity.

It appears that the propensity to suffer discrimination and especially to feel it is largely correlated with the age and sex of the people questioned. Thus, young people in a situation of obesity are 6 times more likely than seniors (36% against 6%) to say they suffer or have suffered such discrimination. Women and especially young women have been particularly affected: 38% of young women against 27% of young men are affected.

1 in 2 obese people discriminated against in public spaces

Proof that this discrimination is recurrent and even very frequent, the majority of people discriminated against are victims at least once a month for 74% of them or even at least once a week (54%).

Among people with obesity who report being discriminated against, 50% experience it in the public sphere, 45% in school or work and, to a lesser extent, in their family circle (22%) or even in the medical field (19%). If the sum of these percentages is greater than 100%, it is because a quarter of people discriminated against (24%) experience discrimination in several of these areas: 12% in two areas and 12% in 3 or more areas.