The cat market: what does it represent in France?

If he is a flourishing market in our country, it is that of the cat, and it does not seem at all impacted by the crisis, quite the contrary since it displays a constant annual progression. With nearly 2 billion euros spent by cat owners in 2020, it has benefited from the increase in the number of adoptions of small felines during successive confinements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several positions share this colossal sum thanks to an increasingly diversified commercial offer, suggesting good future prospects for the cat market. This is what we are going to discover together.

Increase in the number of cats in France

It is estimated at nearly 16 million the number cats in France in 2021, which roughly represents 4 times more kitties than 50 years ago. No gloom on the program therefore for the cat market. This pet is today considered by its owner as a member of the family. He is the center of attention and the share of expenses devoted to him continues to increase. As a result, we are witnessing an unprecedented expansion of the cat market which, according to economists, could post an annual increase of over 20% within 5 years.

The cat food station

On average, a master spends 600 € per year on feeding his cat. It must be said that this market is largely valued by a offers extremely diverse products. If standardized foods have lost market share, it is quite the opposite with regard to premium foods for little felines. These pets are offered daily refined meals, therapeutic foods, organic foods, as well as treats for moments of pleasure.

The strengthened relationship between a master and his cat tends to explain the growth in sales of valued food for kitties. We border on haute cuisine because feline nutrition flirts with the emotional dimension, and this, the cat food manufacturers have understood. Manufacturers are in the midst of a bid to offer the most sophisticated products and gain new market share.

Cat equipment and accessories station

Cat owners are looking for what we do best in terms of comfort in order to fill their little furball, as they do for themselves or their children. Every detail counts: comfort, softness, ease of cleaning, diversity of dimensions / sizes so that the product is perfectly adapted to the morphology of its user on all fours. Aesthetics are far from being sidelined, since the cat equipment is fully integrated into the home. It must therefore be in perfect harmony with the interior decoration.

In this area we also find harnesses, collars, leashes as well as a breathtaking choice of games and toys for kittens and adult cats. More attention is paid tophysical activity of our cats but we also do everything to ensure the good maintenance of their cognitive functions. Thus, the cat toy market is exploding.

In order to meet all the expectations of masters, manufacturers therefore offer ever more advanced equipment and accessories.

The health post

If thirty years ago we did not rush to the vet when the family cat was not very fit, mentalities have changed. Today, the surgeries and waiting rooms of veterinary clinics are always full. We consult whatever the little health concern and now it is even as a preventive measure that cats have the right to a periodic visit. There is no doubt that this partly contributes to theincreased longevity of cats for 10 years, namely that it has increased by almost 12 months.

Masters are no longer resigned to seeing their elderly cat’s health decline. They are willing to pay a fortune to get him treated even if it has to go through complex surgery for a kitty at a very old age. the health market development for cats has increased over the past 8 years and there is no reason for the trend to reverse.

Moreover, veterinarians have unanimously observed it: they have seen the number of small four-legged patients increase in recent years.

The cat insurance post

Insuring your cat with a specialized mutual insurance company for pets allows you to be partially or fully reimbursed for the costs incurred. More inclined to watch over the good health of their little one, the masters no longer hesitate to go to the veterinarian. This is why the animal health insurance sector is booming. Each insurance company offers an increasingly rich offer, multiplying the formulas to meet demand.

From basic contract to the high-end formula, the choice of solutions to insure your cat is very important. The companies even offer to take (at least in part) in charge of lotions, therapeutic foods, cremation costs, or even pay a lump sum allowing the owner to buy a new cat.