The challenge remains enormous, even after the US re-entered the global playing field

WEF 2021: The challenge is still enormous, even after the US re-enters the global playing field

The recent moves by the US administration to rejoin global organizations and treaties have been “warmly welcomed” by the World Economic Forum participants.

Mr. Borge Brende, President of World Economic Forum (WEF). Photo: AFP

However, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Borge Brende said that Washington is far from the challenges of the United States as well as those from the Covid-19 war.

“There have been new signals from President Joe Biden’s administration in responding to climate change, such as re-joining the Paris Agreement on climate change; but how the United States can become A low carbon economy is still important steps, “Mr. Brende said.

According to the WEF President, the moves of the President Joe Biden administration plus the decision to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) have been “warmly welcomed” by the community of WEF participants.

Speaking at the WEF’s Davos Agenda Summit, held online this week, the WEF President noted: “We are in a situation where there are still geopolitical confrontations.” “A world with a rift, we will see how US-China relations will develop in the years to come,” said Brende.

Some political analysts say the US-China relationship is a geopolitical challenge and the most important question mark for the Biden administration. Even in the United States, many sectors are still facing hardship and it remains to be seen whether President Biden, who launched his campaign to unite and heal America, can undo deeply torn divisions. under the Donald Trump administration for the past four years.

“The fact that we are still facing a very polarized America, I don’t think the United States is out of the pandemic. The numbers (regarding Covid-19) are really bad,” he said. “So there will be a very difficult 100 days before President Biden’s eyes, but I think he has a very experienced team in the Cabinet,” added the WEF President.

Covid-19 infections and deaths in the US are believed to be the highest in the world. More than 419,000 people in the United States have died from Covid-19, while the country continues to record a record increase in Covid-19 cases, now exceeding the 25 million mark since the outbreak in the country.

In this country of 330 million people, a large-scale campaign to vaccinate against Covid-19 is underway, but progress has been slower than initially expected.

During his first week in office, President Biden signed a series of orders to speed up the distribution of Covid-19 resistant vaccines, increase testing, and mandate the wearing of masks on the premises of federal government agencies.

The challenge of the Covid-19 epidemic for Washington was still great when the newly emerged Covid-19 strains spread faster, while a part of the population opposed disease prevention measures and did not believe in effectiveness. vaccination.

“Overall now there is light at the end of the tunnel, at least the delivery and vaccination of the vaccine,” said the WEF president. “But as this takes time, we can only hope that the new Covid-19 strains will be suppressed when (the patient) is vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Feike Sijbesma, former CEO of the multinational health group DSM (Netherlands) and now a member of the WEF Board of Directors, said that it is necessary to endorse the upcoming actions of the Biden administration in the respond to climate change.

“It is good news that the US is back to the Paris Agreement on climate change. This agreement has focused a lot on reducing impacts over the years, preventing climate change from happening, but we are not. completely on the right track 5 years later “, Mr. Sijbesma said. “So we need to work to adapt to climate change,” recommended former CEO of DSM Group.

Agreeing with the WEF President on the immediate challenges, Mr. Sijbesma said: “In the long run, this (climate change adaptation) will help economic growth, create jobs; otherwise What, really is going to hurt our economy “.

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