The conversion bonus is extended to electric bicycles

Buyers of electric bicycles will be able to use the premium for car conversion. The deputies voted for the amendment tabled by the government in the Climate and Resilience Act.

The car conversion bonus only concerns the replacement of a polluting car by a cleaner car. As part of the discussions on the Climate and Resilience Act, the deputies voted unanimously (a rare occurrence) for a government amendment which extends this bonus to the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE), including the cost averages 2,079 euros, according to Union Sport & Cycle (USC) which represents the cycling industry in France. This bonus will be welcome to reduce the invoice of the VAE! And that’s not all, since the amendment also provides for a “bike bonus” in the event of the acquisition of a cargo bike, ” more expensive but which allow much more varied uses “.

A bicycle bonus for freighters

However, the text does not specify the amount of this bonus. Nor does it indicate whether electric scooters and motorcycles will be included in the conversion premium. Anyway, it will be a new boost for the sector, which takes full advantage of the restrictive measures put in place by the government to reduce cases of contamination. Cyclists have taken cities by storm, forcing a sometimes difficult cohabitation with motorists!

A booming market

According to USC, the French bicycle market recorded a spectacular increase of 25% in 2020. In volume, the number of bicycles sold remained stable (2.6 million units). On the other hand, the turnover of the sector has clearly increased, it exceeds 3 billion euros. This is the direct consequence of the success of electric bicycles which cost more: 500,000 found buyers last year. And their success is not likely to be denied with the widening of the conversion bonus.