The Court of Auditors pinpoints the Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The Court of Auditors has identified the Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as the Chambers of Trades and Crafts in its annual report. Management costs, efficiency, utility… Everything goes.

The annual report of the Court of Auditors is not kind to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA). The wise men of the rue Cambon demand a complete evaluation and ” without taboo »The usefulness of consular networks for businesses. The Court considers that this will make it possible to “ verify the legitimacy of maintaining public funding For these organizations. The CCI network has an annual budget of 3 billion euros, it employs 18,000 people. Part of its funding is public, but since 2019 it has been competing with many players in the business consulting market.

CCIs under pressure

The report highlights the knowledge “ in most cases superficial »CCIs for business needs. ” The management costs currently displayed by the CCIs on these actions cannot be balanced without the allocation of a significant share of fiscal resources. », Continues the Court. And it is not over: since the beginning of the health crisis, the action of the CCIs and CMAs with businesses and craftsmen appears ” marginal “. A survey carried out by BVA shows the information provided by accountants, television and government websites is far more important than that provided by CCIs …

Commitments for the transformation of Chambers

On reading the report, Bruno Le Maire reacted by recalling that reforms were underway and that with the health crisis, the consular networks had “ the ardent obligation to accelerate their transformation and strengthen their visibility “. The Minister of the Economy adds that the government will show itself ” particularly attentive and demanding »Concerning compliance with these commitments, the quality of the services provided and the exemplary nature of their internal management. The pressure is on the CCIs and CMAs.