The cultural goods market does not experience the crisis – EconomyMorning

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, sales of books, music, films and video games did not decline in 2020 in France. They even increased by 4% to stand at 9.6 billion euros, the GfK firm tells us.

Purchases of dematerialized cultural products are gaining ground

Books, music, films, video games …: confinements oblige, the French consumed a lot of cultural products in 2020. The turnover of this market stood at 9.6 billion euros in 2020, an increase of 4%, calculated the firm GfK.

The restrictions on the opening of points of sale have logically impacted the sales of physical cultural goods (-6% in value). On the other hand, purchases of dematerialized goods (including video on demand subscriptions and audio music streaming) grew by 19%. The rush for dematerialized cultural products was strongest during the first lockdown: during this period, 7.6 million French people bought a dematerialized cultural product against 7.1 million who bought a physical cultural product. This phenomenon is unprecedented in France where, traditionally, physical media attract up to 3 times more buyers than dematerialized cultural goods (excluding subscriptions).

Video games, a sector up 17% in 2020

As might be expected, the big winner for 2020 is the video game market: over one year, the sector’s turnover has increased by 17%. And this is easily explained: in 2020, the French devoted a significant budget to both games (+ 8%) and consoles (+ 9%).

Sales of various hardware products for video games generated sales of 667 million euros. During the first lockdown, sales jumped 70%. And the market clearly has a bright future: 44% of French people are gamers, and 23% of French people intend to equip themselves with one or another of the new consoles released in 2020. Sales of these consoles latest generation have generated a turnover of 121 million euros in 2020.

But it is mainly for the purchase of games themselves that the French have spent money: in 2020, the trifle amounts to 3.2 billion euros, up 8% over one year. Note that while sales of physical games are down 4%, sales of dematerialized games are up 12%.

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