The curfew will not end with the deconfinement, nor in May 2021

The French are impatiently awaiting May 3, 2021, the date of “deconfinement” and therefore the end of Containment 3. But the government has not yet established a precise timetable for measures, several questions remaining unanswered. One thing seems certain, however: we will have to live with the curfew for a few more weeks.

Curfew: no removal from deconfinement

If you had the hope of being able to wander freely at the end of the day or at the beginning of the evening as soon as Containment 3 ended, you will have to rethink your plans: the curfew will not disappear. Emmanuel Macron, during a videoconference with mayors held on April 27, 2021, confirmed that the ban on leaving the home at night will remain in force.

Theoretically, the time of entry into force of the measure aimed at avoiding gatherings in the evening should not change: it will still be 7 p.m., after being pushed back an hour because of the time change. Impossible, therefore, to take advantage of the extended days that mark Spring.

A curfew… until the end of June 2021?

The President of the Republic had however raised the possibility of shifting the curfew schedule, judging that 7 p.m. was “early”, but this will not be the case as soon as the deconfinement ends: at least until mid-May, Emmanuel Macron told mayors, the measure will benefit from a status quo.

Subsequently, on the other hand, it should change: the time of entry into force of the curfew will be, if the health situation allows, gradually postponed until a total disappearance. But this disappearance will take time: the curfew could remain in effect throughout May and most of June 2021.