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A fairly recent dog initially created to hunt rats or track foxes in their burrows, the Czech Terrier appeals for its softness and calm when it is welcomed as a family pet. It is a sociable and cheerful animal that brings joy to life in the house. Its small size makes it particularly crisp.

Characteristics of the Czech Terrier

It’s hard not to be seduced by this little dog running on legs. The Czech Terrier measures on average 29 cm if it is a male and 27 cm if it is a female for a weight varying from 6 to 9 kg depending on the sex. One thing is certain: it won’t take up a lot of space in your home. However, being small does not prevent him from having a muscular and well-built body. Also elongated, this one has a slightly accentuated withers, a muscular and developed croup as well as a back of medium length and rather solid and a high chest. The dog has a sustained, energetic and unobstructed gait when he is in motion. It is recognizable by its head in the shape of a truncated wedge which has a more or less wide skull and a slightly accentuated stop. The jaws are powerful and the nose is dark. The Czech Terrier has very expressive eyes slightly concealed by tufts of hair. The ears are medium in size, glued to the cheeks and set high. The animal wears a long, silky coat, a wavy strand. The dress is gray-blue or light brown.

History of the Czech Terrier breed

The Czech Terrier was born in 1948 under the leadership of Frantisék Horâk. This breeder based in Prague wanted to create a canine breed capable of hunting in the forests of Bohemia. He does not launch into this project at random, as he goes so far as to enlist the help of a laboratory at the Academy of Sciences to carry out his research and obtain the perfect breed. This long-term work which lasted several years resulted in the cross between the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier. It was not until 1963 that official recognition by the FCI be effective.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Czech Terrier

The Czech Terrier is a pleasant pet. Full of joy, he shows gentleness, calm and tranquility. It is the ideal companion for children, because it loves to play. In addition, he is not extremely stubborn compared to his peers, which will facilitate education. The Czech Terrier can even live with the elderly to whom it will bring its love and joy. Cohabitation with his fellows will not pose a problem given his sociability. Even a cat can be raised with it. The advantage of the Czech Terrier lies in its small size allowing it to live in an urban environment.

Diet and main health problems of the Czech Terrier

Robust, the Czech Terrier has iron health. No specific pathology has been identified so far, although the breed is recent, we do not yet have enough hindsight to advance on this subject. The only condition to be respected to ensure its longevity is to provide it with a balanced diet and plenty of physical exercise.

Price of a Czech Terrier dog or puppy

  • Price Czech Terrier male: nc
  • Price Czech Terrier female: nc

Photo credit: Pleple2000

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