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The density of the President of the Republic and the rejection of early voting. Back to the political news of Thursday, February 18, 2021.

Emmanuel Macron has grown and the Elysee is pleased

This is the information that the French all waited with the greatest impatience, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron has grown. The Challenge newspaper was part of this news in its edition of Thursday, February 18, 2021. For the Elysee it is very good news as to the health of the president.

Communication from the presidential palace considers that ” this is a positive event. The first proof that the Head of State has recovered well from the Covid, and that he is in good shape to tackle the rest “Adding that” in the photos, these few extra pounds give it density, maturity “.

Senate Law Committee rejects early voting amendment

The Senate Law Committee rejected Wednesday, February 17, 2021, the late amendment tabled by the government providing for the opening of advance polls for the 2022 presidential election. The committee gave reasons for its decision on both form and substance. Believing for the first time that he was ” unthinkable to radically change the rules of the presidential election by an amendment tabled in extremis at the end of the parliamentary shuttle, without either the political forces or the Council of State having been called upon to pronounce “.

For the substance, the commission considers ” that the government amendment was likely to fuel suspicion about the sincerity of the presidential election and to question the legitimacy of the elected President. Voting machines, in fact, have been subject to a moratorium since 2008: only 66 municipalities are equipped with them, the government prohibiting other municipalities from acquiring voting machines. “.

Nicolas Sarkozy vaccinated against Covid-19

The former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, 66, would have received in January a first dose of vaccine against Covid-19 at the military hospital of Percy. The information revealed by the Express Wednesday February 17 is surprising since for the moment, vaccination is only open to people over 75 years of age or with risky pathologies.

Information that has not been confirmed by the main interested party. TheExpress adds that Nicolas Sarkozy would be annoyed by the slowness of the government’s vaccination campaign ” Sorry, but we must create vaccinodromes everywhere! As I had done! “He would have said, referring to the centers set up during the H1N1 flu crisis in 2009.

Following the words of Emmanuelle Vidal, the CNRS regrets a ” instrumentalisation of science

After being criticized for her comments on Islamo-leftism ” who ” gangrene of society as a whole “And to what” the university is not waterproof “, the Minister of Higher Education, Emmanuelle Vidal, asked the National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS, to conduct a scientific survey within French universities.

The CNRS accepted this research mission, however denouncing a ” instrumentalisation of science “. ” This term, with its ill-defined contours, is the subject of numerous public positions, forums or petitions, often passionate. The CNRS firmly condemns those who try to take advantage of it to call into question academic freedom (…) The current controversy around ‘Islamogauchism’, and the political exploitation that is made of it, is emblematic of a regrettable instrumentalisation of science “.

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