The DGS published the new measures to fight against Covid-19

The Directorate General of Health (DGS) published on Sunday February 7, 2021, a note in which it details the new measures to fight against Covid-19 and its British, South African and Brazilian variants.

A second test and prolonged isolation for those who test positive

The Directorate General of Health (DGS), through a note from Jérôme Salomon published Sunday, February 7, 2021, detailed the new measures coming into force to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus and its British variants , South African and Brazilian in particular. The note specifies “ In view of the progression of the distribution of variants on the national territory, additional measures are implemented ”. Among these additional measures, the establishment of a second test to target the presence of a variant and the lengthening of the isolation for positive people.

Thus, once a person tests positive for Covid-19 by means of a PCR or antigen test, they will have to undergo a second test called RT-PCR to target the variants. The second test should be performed within 36 hours. The note specifies that people who test positive should: ” must be the subject of a second-line screening RT-PCR, carried out within a maximum of 36 hours “.

In addition to this second mandatory test, people who test positive for Covid-19 will also see their isolation period extended from seven to ten days. In addition to the lengthening of the isolation period due to the greater contagiousness of the variants, the DGS specifies ” due to the increased contagiousness of these two variants, an isolation test must be systematically carried out for people who are carriers “.

Strengthening of the school health protocol and systematic testing of contact cases

The DGS note also provides for the strengthening of the health protocol in schools. The note therefore signs the end of fabric masks in schools. Another measure, the automatic closure of classes with a positive student or contact case of a close family member (parents and siblings) contaminated by one of the variants.

The note also specifies the installation of” a systematic D-0 test of contact cases of people infected with one of the South African or Brazilian variants. In case of positive results, the rule of the second test also applies.

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