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We could confuse him with the Sphynx from which he came. But the Dwelf will also be distinguished by its large ears as well as its short legs. This American cat needs a rigorous maintenance given its nudity which weakens its skin. He is also considered to have a good character, which makes him a pleasant pet.

Characteristics of the Dwelf

Those looking for an exotic cat line will find what they are looking for with the Dwelf. This miniature cat has something to attract attention with its unusual physical characteristics. And that is to say the least. Like its parent the Sphynx, it is distinguished by its total nudity. Certainly, it is possible to find a down swarmed on the body, but it remains fine and very discreet. By this lack of hair, the Dwelf seems to be a mythical creature from elsewhere. It will also stand out for its small size. Such a breed never weighs more than 2-3 kg. His body nevertheless remains strong and muscular although he appears to be a small and fragile animal. Its creators wanted it to be as robust as possible to resist possible diseases. The animal stretches a tail with a pointed end, quite thin and long. He is also recognizable by his head that is longer than it is wide, which sports large, expressive, slightly oblique, very open and almond-shaped eyes. The cheekbones are prominent while the ears are large, curved and round at their tips. This is also another physical specificity of the Dwelf.

History of the Dwelf breed

The history of the Dwelf is closely linked to that of the Bambino since the two breeds were created by the same couple of American breeders namely Stéphanie and Pat Osborne who are settled in Arkansas in the United States. In 2008, they started a breeding program with the goal of obtaining a breed with the rounded ears of the American Curl, the miniature size of the Munchkin and the nudity of the Sphynx. You would have understood it. This cat is therefore the result of a cross between these three breeds. For the moment, it does not benefit from any official recognition from the feline federations. Nevertheless, the Dwelf is registered with TICA as an experimental breed.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Dwelf

The Dwelf is a rather balanced breed, which makes it very pleasant to live with. We recognize him for sympathy as well as sociability. This means that he will be able to get along perfectly with other cats, dogs and animals. It is also an affectionate animal who enjoys contact with his humans. In addition, he does not show any form of aggression, which is why he will be able to cohabit with the children. Very curious, this cat likes to explore all facets of its environment. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take care that he does not spend his time outside during periods of extreme cold or heat wave, because because of his nudity, he is sensitive to climatic variations.

Diet and main health problems of the Dwelf

Since the Dwelf is a recent breed, there is not yet enough reliable data regarding its health. However, like its close relative namely the Sphynx, it can be prone to acne, urolithiasis as well as obesity.

Price of a Dwelf cat or kitten

  • Male Dwelf price: nc
  • Female Dwelf Price: nc

We could confuse him with the Sphynx from which he came. But the Dwelf will also be distinguished by its large ears as well as its short legs.