The eco press review for the month of May 2021 – Economy

Like every month now, I offer you a small summary of economic monthly.

Direct from Elisabeth and Régis, the owners of the Town Hall bookstore in my little corner of Normandy. A big thank you to them for their welcome. My opinions expressed here are my sole responsibility !!
No absolute or imposed truth, a simple sharing of my readings and what they inspire me!

On the program this month, Capital and its eco in pictures section devoted to mega wind turbines impressive photos is a section that I never miss and has been doing so for several decades now. This column is also a good way to get the youngest to take an interest in these economic subjects which may seem off-putting, and Capital magazine, which remains very generalist, is an excellent magazine for beginners.

This month’s issue of Economic Alternatives is very successful with a program that is as dense as it is fascinating. A dossier on the Biden revolution, a dossier on the 6th extinction, and a paper on the reform of the mining code slipped into the energy climate law! THE magazine to read in May if you had to choose just one!

But also the Management number, which perfectly illustrates the decline of the world where you are advised to say anything, but with confidence …

And then also the Entreprendre Magazine and his interview with Idriss Aberkane without forgetting a few other reading suggestions.

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Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !