The end of the winter break signals the return of power cuts

On June 1, 2021, the winter break ended after an extension of two months. This end means the return of evictions but also power cuts in the event of unpaid bills.

End of the winter break on June 1

After being renewed for two more months in March 2021, the winter break ended on June 1, 2021. The end of this truce means that evictions and power cuts in the event of unpaid bills can resume. Frédérique Feriaud, director general of the services of the energy mediator, is worried about the situation: “ With the economic crisis, we unfortunately fear an explosion of these cuts in the coming weeks. Especially since some suppliers have a heavy hand, even for small amounts “.

A concern that the figures seem to contradict since in 2020, the number of power cuts fell by 18%. For Frédérique Feriaud, these figures do not show reality. It is, according to her, a ” trompe-l’oeil trend “ since “ The public authorities had already extended the winter break in 2020, until July 10. Consumers in difficulty have been a little more protected, in fact artificially distorting the statistics, but only for a short time ”.

An increase in power cuts

However, despite this illusory drop, Frédérique Feriaud fears a very strong increase in power cuts. ” Suppliers alert us to the number of unpaid bills they are already facing. And this, while the truce has barely ended. It’s a worrying situation », She explains.

The director general of the energy mediator’s services then reminds those affected by these unpaid bills that they must react quickly in order to avoid cuts. ” The first rule when you are having difficulty, it is not to wait to react. If your supplier sends you reminders, contact them right away. By asking for a payment schedule, for example. Because once the gas or electricity is cut off, all the procedures become more difficult. And especially more expensive », She explains.