The energy mediator tackles the abusive practices of Eni

The national energy mediator has decided to prosecute the gas distribution company Eni for a fraudulent contract subscription case.

A fraudulent energy contract

After being seized by an individual for a case of fraudulent subscription to an Eni energy contract, the energy mediator decided to bring the matter to the criminal law and to put in place new measures to put an end to these abusive practices. which are multiplying in the face of the imminent end of regulated gas prices in 2023.

The case was discovered by chance by the nephew of a 98-year-old woman. The latter residing in Ehpad left her in charge of her affairs. Taking up the mail as every day, he discovered a mail from Eni and was surprised to discover a letter announcing the gas cut due to an unpaid amount of 1,314.01 euros. Surprise since her aunt’s house was since its construction in 1960 under contract with Engie (formerly Gaz de France).

After investigation, it turned out that a contract had been fraudulently concluded by an agent of Eni on January 11, 2020 even though the nonagenarian no longer lived in the house since 2017. This one went so far as to imitate the signature. Eni admitted the fraud but blamed its service providers offering compensation of 100 euros to the victim.

The energy mediator seized in criminal proceedings

Faced with this, the nephew seized the energy mediator who took over the case. Olivier Challan Belval, national energy mediator confirmed these lawsuits at the microphone of Europe 1, believing that it was necessary to fight against his practices. ” It is appalling for individuals to discover at the turn of a reminder for unpaid bills that they have changed supplier, these are fraudulent practices that must be penalized »He explains, referring to the case.

Faced with the proliferation of these frauds, Olivier Challan Belval sees only one solution: “ I believe it is necessary to strike hard so that companies that encourage dishonest practices can no longer harm the energy market of individuals by betraying their trust. e ”he insists, pointing to the often questioned Eni company.

Abusive canvassing, whether on the phone or at home, is on the rise and leads to numerous complaints to the mediator, 1,883 in 2019 against 1,416 in 2018. For Olivier Challan Belval the solution is simple, it is necessary ” prohibit door-to-door sales for the supply of gas and electricity, at least during the coming period, very sensitive with the end of regulated tariffs for the sale of natural gas in July 2023 “. Otherwise, it proposes a strict framework which would lead to the absolute nullity of any contract signed in the non-respect of the established rules.