The European Parliament votes on the digital green certificate, expected to come into effect from July 1

The European Parliament votes on the digital green certificate, expected to come into effect from July 1

The European Parliament (EP) has officially adopted Europe’s digital green certificate for COVID-19, facilitating travel across the EU and the Schengen area from this summer.

On June 9, 2021, at the plenary session in Strasbourg (France), the application of digital green certificates related to European citizens received 546 votes in favor, 93 votes against and 51 abstentions. These documents must be formally approved by the Council of Europe, before taking effect on July 1

The certificate consists of three contents: a certificate of vaccination, a negative PCR test result or proof of immunity after having contracted COVID-19, showing that the holder of this certificate does not spread the disease. Officially named “European Union Digital COVID Certificate” after being called a “green certificate”, the document is issued by one member state and must be accepted by other countries as a document. valid proof. This document is available free of charge in paper or electronic form.

In fact, these are three different certificates, which can be integrated into one document for the same person including a “vaccination” certificate, a “test” certificate or a “recovery” certificate. The data shows the identity of the owner, details of the vaccine used (what vaccine, how many doses), type of test (PCR, rapid antigen), results and date of administration.

According to the regulations, this is not a travel document. The aim is to make evidence of vaccination or screening issued in Member States and interoperable and identifiable with each other. Those entering the country with this certificate will not have to undergo quarantine or testing when they arrive in another EU member state.

For those who have recovered, in the short term, recognition can only take effect from the 11th day after the first positive test by PCR. Later, depending on the scientific evidence, the European Commission will add the recognition of antibody tests or rapid antigen tests to the scope of the “recovery” certificate.

To date, more than 1 million people in Europe have received the “EU Digital Certification of COVID”. Nine EU countries have issued this certificate, which includes Greece, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland.