The French ardently wish to return to the restaurant

If the restaurateurs despair of being able to reopen their doors one day, the French for their part are eager to return. According to a survey carried out by Lightspeed in January, for 44% of French people, the restaurant will be the first activity when the health restrictions are lifted.

The French, the most impatient gourmets in Europe

Posted in Echoes Sunday February 14, 2021, the survey conducted by the specialist in digital catering solutions, Lightspeed among French, Belgians, Germans, Austrians, Dutch and Swiss shows that the French are the most eager to find restaurants. Thus, for 60% of them, going back to restaurants is a priority. Stronger still, 44% of French people believe it is the first thing they will do when the health restrictions are lifted.

In comparison, finding restaurants is a priority for less than 30% of Germans. However, if the Germans are less in a hurry to return to restaurants, they are willing to leave a larger share of the tip than usual, something the French do not want to do.

A craze, a sign of hope for restaurateurs

The enthusiasm of the French for restaurants is a very strong sign of hope for restaurateurs who have been closed since October 28, 2020. Adrian Valeriano, vice-president and managing director EMEA of Lightspeed, explains to the Echoes : ” The extent of the expectation expressed by the French show professionals that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This corresponds to the fact that they like to talk about their experiences with food more than anywhere else. There is also strong support for local bistros and brasseries, for independents more than for chains. “.

This support is all the stronger, as if the French do not wish to leave more substantial tips, they wish to go to restaurants more often in order to support the sector. However, if the restaurants reopen, they will have to submit to certain sanitary constraints, such as the distance from tables, a maximum number of customers in the restaurant or, as 13% of respondents hope, the obligation to present a negative Covid test or a vaccination certificate.

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