The French Bulldog: character, education, health, price | Dog Breed

Sweet and very friendly, the French Bulldog remains a very endearing animal that likes both an apartment and a large house. He is the perfect playmate for children, and will be able to give a lot of affection to his foster family.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

Belonging to the Molossoid family, the French Bulldog is distinguished by its small size. It is recognizable by its face made up of symmetrical folds and wrinkles which give it a grumpy air. Its head is broad with a rounded forehead, a short, puffy nose and a marked stop. The dog has dark, round, large eyes and very high, erect, set ears.

The body for its part remains muscular, typical of mastiffs. It is powerful and displays a large bone structure. He wears a tawny, sometimes brindle, black or white robe which can reveal different kinds of shades and which sports a tight, shiny, short and soft coat. Its twisted tail is always short.

The French bulldog, a touching little dog

History of the French Bulldog breed

The breed first appeared in Tibet over 5,000 years ago with the Summer. This mastiff aroused admiration for its impressive strength, so much so that it has long been used for hunting and even as a weapon. Moreover, this ancestor of the French bulldog was very popular in fights between animals such as wild animals, large animals or even other dogs. It was imported into France around 1850 under the initiative of a few British workers. From there began the breeding and domestication of the breed, very popular in the districts of Les Halles or La Villette in Paris with butchers as well as wine merchants. From the twentieth century, the French Bulldog became the favorite pet of the French nobility.

French Bulldog

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the French Bulldog

Playful, sociable and gentle, the French Bulldog is definitely the perfect dog for children. But beware of the overflow of affection on his part. It should be avoided that it remains alone with infants or young children. Another advantage: he does not need a lot of physical activity. Because of his flat face, he quickly runs out of breath. On the other hand, he must take advantage of his regular walks outside the house. The education of this breed is also easy. He is able to put in a great deal of effort just to please his masters. Friendly and loyal, he is also a bit clingy. But this defect is quickly forgotten in the face of its many qualities.

French bulldog puppy

Diet and main health problems of the French Bulldog

Respiratory problems are very common in the French Bulldog. This breed of brachycephalic has difficulty breathing properly because of its flattened face, especially when it is very hot. Hence the pronounced snoring. This dog can also develop eye concerns causing tearing, irritation and discomfort. Herniated discs are also not uncommon.

In addition, the French Bulldog is subject to digestive problems. This is why it is necessary to assure him a balanced diet. Fat should be avoided. It is better to give him meatballs made from lamb for example.

Price of a French Bulldog dog or puppy

  • Male French Bulldog price: € 1,400
  • Female French Bulldog price: € 1,400