The French rushed to small household appliances in 2020

Confined at home and unable to go to their favorite restaurants, the French found themselves in the kitchen with the desire to prepare good meals. Sales of small household appliances benefited from this.

The devices used to prepare recipes, such as multifunction robots, blenders or even “kitchen machines” for all purposes recorded in 2020 a sales increase of 27.5% in 2020. This is the record of the year , according to the study by the Group of brands of home appliances (Gifam), but the other categories are also doing well. This is the case for appliances for cooking food (mini-ovens, deep fryers, etc.), sales of which increased by 18.4%. Equally significant, the increase in sales of household appliances for breakfast: the category experienced a rebound of 14.5%, driven by sales of coffee machines equipped with bean grinders. These products show a spectacular increase of 55%!

Sales of household appliances: freezers, bread and coffee makers up sharply

Gifam also notes the excellent performance of sales of freezers, devices which for years have shown serious signs of fatigue. They jumped by 18% in 2020, compared to 2019. The dishes made in the kitchen must be stored somewhere! Overall, the entire appliance sector grew 5% last year, with a real disparity between large and small appliances. The devices in the first category were content with an increase of 1.1% in sales, against 11.2% for the second.

Vacuum cleaners also popular in 2020

In all, 56.4 million devices found buyers last year, or … almost one per French. Brigitte Petit, president of Gifam, explains that after the first confinement, last May, “ one in two consumers said they wanted to improve the equipment and comfort of their home “. The French weren’t content to stay in the kitchen, however, they also spent a lot of time cleaning their homes. Sales of cleaning products are on the rise, in particular those for floor care (steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, etc.), up 10.2%.

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